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Beauty and The Branco

TV Guide Canada's Nelson Branco has christened former Beast Master-turned-soap Goddard (Daniel that is) as "The Most Beautiful Man Alive". Since joining daytime's number one soap as Jill Abbott's swiched-at-birth-son Cane, Goddard has definitely provided the soap's viewing audience with plenty of eye candy, but there's more to this actor than just a pretty face, which Branco finds out in his revealing interview, which includes exclusive first looks at the Aussie hunk's newest little roo, his newborn son Sebastian. Here's a sneak peek at what Goddard shared with Branco about the birth of his second son:


TVG: Congratulations on your new arrival! Were you in the delivery room when Ford (now 2) and your newborn, Sebastian, made their debuts?

Daniel Goddard: Boy, was I ever. I took the most awesome pictures, man. Rachael had a C-section. I put on a prime lens on my camera and I shot 36 rolls of film during the birth. I got every picture — from her walking into the hospital, to the doctor with a scalpel in her stomach, to the baby’s head in her lap! [Laughs] I wasn’t allowed to look into her intestines or ovaries or anything like that, though.

For more of Branco's interview with Goddard click here.

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