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DC #347: Tristan Rogers Interview

In 2008 Tristan Rogers won critical acclaim for his return to Port Charles as Robert Scorpio via General Hospital: Night Shift and Daytime Confidential named him our Male Entertainer of 2008.


On today’s show Luke and Regan visit with Rogers about his amazing year and what it was like to portray Robert Scorpio, whose battle with cancer forced him and the fans to accept the reality that he was no longer the indestructible super-agent we’d grown accustomed to seeing on our screens. Rogers shares how seeing his former penthouse recreated on Night Shift was spooky and how it brought back so many memories for  Finola Hughesand himself. We ask Rogers about what it was like to work with Sri Rao and his popular writing team at Night Shift and get his thoughts on what role Rao may yet play in daytime.

We also talk to Rogers about the long-awaited wedding of Robin (Kimberly McCullough) and Patrick (Jason Thompson) on General Hospital, which would not have been complete without Robert there to walk his daughter down the aisle. We ask how important it was for him to be a part of the momentous occasion, what his favorite moments from the wedding were and how sentimental the wedding was for Finola, Kimberly McCullough and himself.

Rogers' online series Tristan Rogers Unscripted gave fans a behind-the-scenes glimpse into Night Shift rarely seen in daytime and he talks about what it was like to get everyone to appear on the series and how this type of content can help keep fans interested in their shows. The economic crisis facing the country is having an impact on daytime and Rogers discusses what can and needs to be done to help save the genre.

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Rogers gives an update on the auctions at in support of the charity Project Cuddle and tells us how much money his fans raised for the worthy cause.

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