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General Hospital Spoilers!

Here's the Scoop! 01.15.09


Welcome Home Natty! Now if they would have never killed you off in the first place.

Crisis! Kicks off today!

Dropped in the comments yesterday:

Confusion Central? Not really as we're used to this flash forward and then flash back to tell the story... it's all GH seems to know how to do when producing their "stunts." I should channel my inner-Jamey and attempt to be positive but then again what fun would that be?

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Here's how it should be.... We'll start the crisis with Patrick trying to stop the surgery and that montage. Then we go back to tell the tale of how we got to that point. We'll see Scrubs move, Carly invite Robin to the benefit, Sonny & Jason stuff, Matt & Maxie, Agent Rayner gets some "alarming news".... That is SUPPOSED to last over 9 episodes. Then there is the aftermath. So, 9 episodes to tell how we got to the OR with Matt, Monica, Leyla and Elizabeth.

Carly and Robin understand each other? What was once a great soap rivalry now is Carly going to Patrick with concern over Robin's behavior. Robin starts to understand what Carly may have been feeling when she left Michael with Jason.

LuSam... O-V-E-R! JaSam team up! Sam wants to help Jason take down the Z's. He's not sold on the idea but lets her give it a shot. Sam thinks she can help Spinelli and the Jackal's ego takes another hit as someone else feels they need to ride in for his rescue. What's a computer geek with no self confidence to do? Well he'll hack into the FBI trying to prove something. Will he succeed? RUMOR has it the Jackal has an offer for Agent Rayner.


Johnny lied to Lulu about getting a job at GH. Lulu goes to Carly to ask her to hire Johnny at the Metro Court. Johnny has other plans and Spixie sees him cleaning up at Jake's. What attracts Lulu to Johnny? Are they a modern day Luke and Laura?

Monica... She'll be in the OR when the toxin is released but we SHOULD also see her in the episodes leading up to the crisis as Nikolas goes to see her on Emily's birthday. Will Nikolas ever be able to love another? RUMOR has it that we MAY see more conversations with Nikolas and various PC residents about the love he still has for Emily and what that means for him and Nadine. I'll tell you what it means... It means your dead fiancé’s doppelganger is hitting town and you'll be saying Nadine who?

Claudia works over Ric. Olivia wants Sonny to steer clear of Kate. What about the DVD's? Kate caught a glimpse yesterday, will she learn the whole story? She's SUPPOSED to! Remember, Sonny almost catches his wife in bed with his brother. Another RUMOR has Claudia paying dear old dad a visit.

Pre-Empted... On Tuesday, January 20th General Hospital will not air due to the Presidential Inaguaration.