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The Young and the Restless Spoilers

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Bueno kiddies. Mama's back with some fab spoilers for The Young and the Restless.

A showdown finally happens with Brad and Victor. He hears Abby call Victor "dad" and becomes upset about it. Brad feels as though Victor's trying to push him out of Abby's life and mentions it to Ashley. Ash does feel Brad's pain however, she feels as though it's a positive thing for Abby because now Victor's finally taking an active role in her life.


Victor then makes another move against Brad, He lets him know that he wants Brad off of Newman Enterprise's Board of Directors and Brad refuses. Later on, there's a parent/teacher conference at Abby's school that Victor attends and Brad is not happy to know that Victor's there. Ashley's also shocked to find Victor there. Things get very uncomfortable and heated when Brad shows up. Ashley tries to defend Brad showing up there, but Victor's not hearing it.

Brad starts thinking about his present custody arrangement with Ashley when he learns that Abby wants to move into the ranch. Brad needs to watch his back from all angles because while he's plotting how to assert his parental rights, Victor asks JT and Victoria to find a way to get Brad off the Newman Enterprise's board. Victor's out to destroy Brad and doesn't care who's hurt in the process, mainly Abby.

Last week I posted info on Noah in the hospital. Brad's also involved. Apparently Brad tries to make one more attempt to win Sharon over, but she shuts him down. As he's driving home he gets a flat tire. While fixing it, he hears someone crying out for help. It's Noah, who has fallen through some ice. Noah and Eden lie to their parents about going to a skating party. Brad gets him out and rushes him to the hospital. When Noah regains consciousness, he doesn't remember who saved him.

Nick/Phyllis: Their marriage is crumbling even more.

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Gloria: She gets a surprising offer from Victor. The word is that Victor wants the Jabot stock she and Jeff amassed. Is this part of his plan with Jill or is he squeezing her out?

Kay/Amber: They team up to prove that Katherine's not an impostor. When Amber finally sees Kay, she realizes that it's no fake, but her beloved Mrs. C. She and Daniel head out to the diner and she tries to stir Katherine's memories by bringing up things from her past. She even goes so far as to ask for some pie for her friend, "Philip," to see if that triggers something for Kay, but it doesn't. Amber's heartbroken that she got her hopes up that Katherine's back, but isn't and Daniel lets her know she's missing her so much that she's desperate to cling onto something. The duo leave the diner, but Amber comes back because she left a cell phone behind and gets a shocker when Kay tells her she didn't leave her phone because it sparkles all over. At that moment, Amber realizes that Katherine's who she says she is because Marge wouldn't know that Amber has rhinestones on her phone.

Amber finally convinces Daniel that Katherine is really alive and they try to figure out a way for her prove it. Amber vows to her dear friend that she'll help her get her life back since she knows everything about Kay from top to bottom because she helped write the book. Amber and Katherine go through the book to see if anything in it stands out. Katherine mentions her emerald ring (didn't I call it?) and lets Amber know she had it, but sold it. The gang comes to the realization that the ring is the vital piece they need to prove that Katherine's alive. Amber and Daniel head off to the pawn shop that Kay sold the ring to and the owner lies and says he's never seen it before. Amber starts to bust him on his lies but cooler-headed Daniel drags her out of the place and tells her they need idea to prove who Mrs. C really is. Amber then gets the idea that Kevin can help in their quest. Kevin believes that Kay's alive and wants her to get her life back. Kevin's also the only one in the gang that can break into the pawn shop.

Kevin decides to mull over the request by Amber and she takes Katherine to a doctor to find out why her memory is faulty. Amber lets Katherine know that before she disappeared, her memory was a bit hazy and hopes that the specialist can help in getting it back. The doctor runs some tests on Katherine and lets her and Amber know that she may have Alzheimer's. That is possibly why her memory was bad and if Kay has it, it will be very difficult to retrieve again. Amber's crushed to hear this, but lets her friend know that she'll help her and will be by her side no matter what the outcome is.

Esther: On Jan 19, viewers will see that Ms. Valentine got some nookie with Roger, the new accountant over at Chancellor Industries, after their first date. Sounds like mother and daughter are really alike, eh? Apparently, Roger is plotting with someone named Clint to hustle Esther out of the money she received from Kay's death. Viewers will figure out that Esther and Roger did the deed the morning after when they both come downstairs wearing robes.

Don Diamont: His last air date is Feb 3.