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Three Other "Prominent" Y&R Actors Axed!

According to Conde Nast's Portfolio at least three other "prominent" Y&R stars have been axed along with Don Diamont (Brad).


Later this month, Brad Carlton, a onetime pool boy who married the boss's daughter to become chief executive of a major cosmetics company, will apparently take a bullet and die for a cause.

That cause will not be the woman of his dreams (his former sister-in-law and the estranged wife of his sworn enemy), but daytime soap operas.

For all but one of the last 24 years, Carlton—a onetime Navy Seal and a secret Nazi hunter—has been a character on The Young & The Restless, the daytime ratings champ for the last two decades.

But Carlton, played by Don Diamont, and three other prominent characters on the CBS show have been axed as part of the severe retrenchment seizing daytime soaps—one of TV's oldest formats, its quintessential advertising vehicle, and the birthplace of product placement.

Late last year our Jillian Bowe reported sources informed her of the impending exits of Vail Bloom (Heather), Chris Engen (Adam) and Michael Gross (River), and while Gross's departure has since been confirmed, Bloom's publicist denied the claim, stating Bloom's option had just been picked up.

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 Could the Emmy nominee's extension simply have been to wrap up her and Engen's storyline? Adam has definitely been written into a corner so it would make sense. Or could it be three entirely different Y&R cast members the article is referring to? Keep checking back to Daytime as the story develops.