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Browen Lock Lips Next Week on The Bold and the Beautiful!

Finally, a sexy, young adult couple  who isn't related on The Bold and the Beautiful! Soap Opera Weekly reveals in their latest issue that smoking hot couple-in-training Bridget and Owen (Ashley Jones and Brandon Beemer) aka "Browen" will kiss next week on the CBS sudser. Here's what the B&B and True Blood beauty tells the mag about the buss:


She's in this transformative stage in her life and really, what has she got to lose?"

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I'm sure there are plenty of people who wouldn't mind being "transformed" by a kiss from Beemer. With Stephanie (Susan Flannery) back on the warpath, and a hot new couple to root for, B&B just might make our Mike stop swearing during the CBS/Days podcast. If not, Uncle Luke might have to wash his mouth out with Vodka. Oh wait, that's what I do before each podcast.  Carry on!