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Former "Restless" Villain Back to Canvas

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Viewers you're not in The Twilight Zone. Former Young and Restless bad boy James Michael Gregary (ex-Clint) is back onscreen. Old school and new fans alike who watched the Christmas episode last month may recall Marge (Jeanne Cooper) had a partner-in-crime working with the first time she interacted with Kay.  The one in the same is back and plotting once again to get his hands on the Chancellor fortune.


Back in 1989, Clint came up with the plan to steal the Chancellor fortune when he found Marge and realized she was a dead-ringer for Katherine and decided to pass her off as such. Clint went on to woo Gina Roma (Patty Weaver) as a way to have an in with the Chancellors since Gina and Danny's (Michael Damien) dear old dad Rex (Quinn K. Redker). He was seeing the grand dame of Genoa City at the time and was also Clint's former cellmate.

 As long time viewers remember, Esther (Kate Linder) was nabbed and Marge wound up snitching on the gang. No word on how long the character will be around. Kudos to the fab four of Y&R for showing us a throwback episode to put all viewers on the same page with the current storyline.

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