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General Hospital Spoilers!

Here's the Scoop! 01.16.08


Typical Friday... not a lot out there so ask away. It's Q & A Day!

We SHOULD be seeing Patrick as he tells the story throughout the nine episodes it takes to unwind the crisis. Robin is not ready to admit to suffering from PPD and Patrick will continue to worry plus deal with the hospital. More Elizabeth and Patrick scenes as he'll ask her about Robin and her acting differently.

Robin's PPD... Is Emma missing? Robin asks Mac to come over to watch the baby but he's called away on police business, there's a crisis going on. Robin is not doing to well and there is some SCOOP out there that Robin hits bottom with Maxie and Johnny seeing her but not baby Emma. The RUMBLINGS say that Emma is not hurt.

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Patrick and Robin have consistently held their popularity with the fans. It's actually not that hard to gather fans when they are the only true couple on the show. Not taking anything away from Jason Thompson and Kimberly McCullough as I am happy these two will get to flex their acting chops throughout these storylines.

Lucky and Elizabeth... Elizabeth falls ill from the toxin. Lucky MAY not be on the inside when it all goes down and the cop COULD be breaking into the hospital to be by Elizabeth's side.

Still seeing RUMORS that Tracy will also fall ill. As will Monica who is in the same operating room as Elizabeth. Leyla is still RUMORED to die. Trevor's still RUMORED to be a casualty of the crisis. Will he spill a secret or leave something to Johnny?

There's a blizzard too? Yesterday Epiphany mentioned a storm coming in. RUMORS say it's a blizzard.

RANDOM and CRAZY RUMORS... Matt, Maxie, Johnny, Lulu mix up? Johnny and Maxie are together at some point during the crisis and Matt is SUPPOSED to be operating on Lulu. Will Lulu and Matt be spending more time together? Is Emma with Audrey? Is Jax affected by the toxin?