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Home and Away History Lesson: Shane and Angel

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There has been some discussion going on about Melissa George. So I believe it's time to sit back and watch her in one of Home and Away's most POPULAR pairings. Melissa played Angel to Dieter Brummer's Shane.


It all began in 1993, when Shane Parrish found Angel, who at the time was a run away. Shane persuaded Donald Fisher to let her stay with them, but it was not love at first sight as Angel was hostile toward Shane.

Shane vs. Tug:

Shane knew what he wanted and was not afraid to go after it. Shane was starring in a play with Sarah O'Neale (Laura Vazque), Tug's girlfriend. He pushed Tug's buttons by 'overdoing' a kissing scene.

  • * Fun fact: Sarah left the show in 1994 but came back in 1995 to be Angel's bridesmaid.


The year 1994 was a big one for 'Shangel' as Angel revealed her deep, dark secret. She gave birth to a son when she was 14. The news came as a shock to Shane, but he stood by her and helped her get custody of her son back.


After an emotional 1994, you would think things would slow down wouldn't you? This is a soap, so of course things did not.

Angel is run over:

Here good ol Alf accidentally runs over Angel, leaving her paralyzed.

The paralysis brought Shane and Angel closer than ever and resulted in their wedding, where she surprised everyone and walked down the aisle.

Angel's Plane Crash:

Like all fun soaps, things were never perfect. Angel dealth with another woman coming after her husband and she was in a plane crash, which brought the two of them closer then ever.

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1995 Finale:

In this clip, we see the beginning of the end for Shangel, as Shane got hit by a semi-truck.

He survived, but only for a few months.

Shane's Death:

The result of the 1995 finale finally caught up with Shane, as he died of septicemia. Soon after, Angel found out she was expecting.

Time went by and Angel delivered a healthy baby girl, naming her Shane after her father. Afterwards, Angel left the bay.

Tribute video:

This video shows most of their storylines.

That wraps up this Home and Away history lesson.

After seeing these clips, what are your thoughts on Melissa George? Also, did any of these clips actually make you want to tune into Home and Away? Would you like more history lessons in the future? Post your thoughts and suggestions in the comments.

Thanks to all the contributers for the videos, and to Brooke, without her none of this would have been possible.