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Soap Opera Weekly Reveals Otalia Kiss Next Week!

Move over Rianca, make room for Otalia! It looks like TV Guide Canada's Nelson Branco was right all along. Months ago Branco revealed a sapphic pairing was in the works for Guiding Light's Natalia and Olivia (Jessica Leccia and Crystal Chappell). When he broke the news in his online column The Suds Report, Proctor and Gamble raced to others in the soap press to flat out deny the claim, talking about they were just gonna have a "special friendship" or some madness. I'll say it's special alright! Go pick up a copy of Soap Opera Weekly boys and girls, or boys and boys if that's your poison, because Natalia and Olivia do indeed kiss next week! First the little gay boys screw on ATWT, now the not-quite-lesbians suck face on GL, that little angry man on Trinity Broadcasting Channel who is always talking about how gays are gonna bring about the "end times" is NOT happy tonight!  Here's how Leccia explained to the mag how it all goes down:


Weekly: How does Natalia end up kissing Olivia?

Leccia: Olivia kisses her to explain what Emma's teacher thinks about them since Emma made her {"My Two Mommies"] presentation.

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I ain't trying to spoil the rest of a reporter's story, so you will have to pick up a copy to read the what else happens.  I will say this, one of the two women get her feelings hurt when the other goes too far in trying to downplay their friendship to Emma's teacher. Oh and Natalia also kisses Frank! Stank ho!