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Home and Away 2009 Spoiler Preview

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It's almost time to go back to Summerbay, so let's take a look at what is in store for us when we get there.

The Year Long Mystery:

2009's biggest storyline will revolve around a year long mystery. In an interview with TVweek, producer Cameron Welsh explained they have plotted the mystery out that begins with the season premiere (on January 19th) and ends on the cliffhanger finale in December. He did not explain what the mystery revolves around, but considering the final episode of the year will be the show's 5000th, I think we can expect something huge.

A piece of Kirsty's (Christie Hayes) medical past will play a big part in the characters storylines in 2009.


Ruby (Rebecca Breeds) and Xavier (David Jones-Roberts) will be getting together, but against their families wishes. We are in for a Romeo & Juliet style story, but let's all just hope for a bit of a better ending here.

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Aden (Todd Lasance) will be getting a surprising offer from a University and the cancer cluster storyline will end within the first few weeks.

Comings and Goings:

Joy Smithers who plays Bridget Simmons will be departing in February, followed by Celeste Dodwell who plays Melody Jones in March.

While it has not officially been confirmed, all signs are pointing towards Paul O'Brien exiting as Jack Holden. The actor has stated that he will be seen in 2009, but all reports are pointing towards Jack being dead.

With the lost of a favorite comes the return of original character Pippa Ross, played by Debra Lawrance. She will be returning full time in April.

That is not the only person coming. We have a new family, the Austins. We have already met one member of the family, Xavier and we will see three more: Hugo (Bernard Curry), Gina (Sonia Todd) and Brendan (Kain O'Keefe).

That wraps up the 2009 Home and Away spoiler preview. This was only a glimpse of what is to come for our favorites in the coming year. Remember to post your thoughts and theories in the comments.