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Wishful Casting: Crystal Chappell as Days' Carly Mother Freakin' Manning!

Okay, seeing the Otalia kiss on Guiding Light once again reminded me of how incredibly amazing Crystal Chappell is. I have loved her since her first air show as Days of Our Lives' Dr. Carly Manning aka Katerina Von Leuschner, and that is quite a testament to Chappell's sheer groovyness, because I am a card-carrying Fancy Face Nuts of America Club member.

Kristian Alfonso's Hope Williams Brady is one of my all-time favorite soap opera heroines, so I should have hated anyone who was brought in to fill her void on Days when Hope succumbed to that vat of acid on Ernesto Toscano's isle back in '90. Okay... so Hope didn't really succumb to it, Princess Greta did, but then... she didn't die either, she ended up in a jungle, covered in mud, where Billie later gave birth prematurely to Bo's daughter Georgia who— although she died and was buried on the island— somehow manged to grow up and mow down a toddler in the streets of Salem. Whew, don't try that while chewing gum!

Anyhoo, back to Carly, er Olivia, I mean Crystal. I am just gonna go ahead and put it out there in the soap-iverse. If and when GL goes to the big Daytime Drama Museum in the Sky— and lets face it, they're preparing the scenery right now, complete with a wax figure of Dolly, the Reva clone—  Ken Corday better do whatever it takes, even trading in his favorite set of golf clubs, to get Chappell back at Days.

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While I loved Lisa Rinna's Billie (and only Lisa Rinna's Billie), all the re-writes of how Billie was the one who helped Bo get over Hope made me throw up a little in my mouth every time I heard those lines uttered on my TV. Carly was the one who helped Beauregard and I get over our Fancy Bottom, not Billie Holiday Reed!

 I for one would actually tune in to a post-Dee and DrakeDays that saw Hope and Carly pitted against each other for Bo's love. It's better than watching poor Peter Reckellplay dime store psychic, or Proctor and Gamble try to spin another passive-aggressive gay storyline.

Clip courtesy of fwecppb.