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Dorian Lord Soaks a Little Cork on OLTL

Well it's official. David Vickers, er Vickeroshi is truly a reformed man. He managed to resist the ultimate temptation, receiving some brain from Dorian!  I laughed so hard I'm sure the neighbors wanted to call the law when Dorian went down on David last week. I am so proud of One Life to Live for going there, I don't know what to do. I mean let's be for real, this is what people do when they have sex. The premiere of the new 90210 had oral sex, why shouldn't daytime?

This wasn't the first time oral sex was alluded to on a soap, Days of Our Lives did it with Snapping Turtle Chelsea and Max, but unlike that icky encounter, that saw Dead Swap Girl offering up some lip service right after meeting Max, Dorian and David have been in love for years. If Samantha Jones can suck a little—rhymes with sock—why can't Dorian Lord by God? Watch the above clip until the end to see the scene play out in all its erotic hilarity.

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