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Days of Our Lives Spoilers

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Hey Days fans! Welcome to another week of Days of Our Lives spoilers. Well, sadly, it’s the final week for John and Marlena. Yes, the sands are going to stop falling for this favorite couple. I thought they might spill over into next week since Days is preempted on Tuesday, but it appears TPTB have thought of everything – John and Marlena roll off into the sunset on Friday. What else is in store? Nicole’s baby plans take a very soapy turn and Chloe considers moving to another country to get away from Dr. McFeely (Daniel). Keep reading for this week’s Preview from Denial Island (January 19 – 23).


Marlena learns the truth about John’s hypnotherapy session. After Brady makes her watch the footage he stole from Dr. Baker, the truth makes Marlena understandably angry. On the other side of town, Charlotte goes all psycho killer and fills a syringe with toxins meant for Marlena. After separately speaking with Brady and Kayla about why Charlotte = bad, John goes to confront Charlotte and interrupts her threatening Marlena. In a twist of fate, he winds up stabbed with the syringe and is raced to hospital. I’m left wondering where the week of flashbacks are, because all this takes up Monday’s, Wednesday’s and most likely half of Thursday’s episodes. I really think they could have stretched this out until next week - Friday’s episode has John regain his memories, discover he’s had a stroke, is paralyzed from the neck down, propose to Marlena and get married. Then the two of them decide to go to Europe for treatment. Phew! I have whiplash!

Chloe gets an audition in Vancouver. She wants to go so she can get away from her feelings for Daniel. The silly girl then tells Daniel and he decides to go ‘fess up to Lucas in order to stop them, except then he doesn’t and later explains to Chloe that he wont ruin her life that way. She thanks him by sleeping with him – again. Kate almost catches them together, again.

Lucas was all keen to go to Vancouver, until he received a frantic phone call from Sami at the convent. She and Rafe realized Hilda had been killed and the killer knew the location of the safehouse – ergo, they had to move. Lucas tells Chloe he can’t go to Vancouver because Sami needs him. He also tells her where Sami is. Uh oh! Chloe goes to BFF Nicole and vents, eventually spilling all – about Sami’s pregnancy and where she’s currently hiding. Oops.

Nicole’s plan couldn’t be more soapy. Upon hearing of her rival’s impending motherhood, Nicole goes to find Sami herself. Green eyed monster time! When she arrives at the convent, Nicole overhears Sami’s plan to leave her baby at the convent after the birth. Snap! Nicole approaches Sister Theresa and tells her a sob story about not knowing what to do with her baby. She knows of a really good doctor and clinic and she leaves the information in case anyone else might need it. So now you just know Sami's going to end up at the clinic to deliver her baby and there Nicole will be waiting.

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In Other, Shorter Storylines:

  • Say goodbye to Dr. Charlotte Taylor (Sandra Robinson) - the character's final airdate is Thursday 22nd.
  • Kate warns Lucas about keeping Sami in his life
  • After taking Sami safely to the safehouse, Rafe encounters the killer once more

Coming Up Next Week (January 26 - 30):

  • Sami's and Nicole's babies are welcomed to the world, but are they alright?
  • Philip and Stephanie's ideas of a date differ
  • Kayla recognizes the killer

That's it for this week. As always, leave me a comment with your thoughts, or come join us in the TFO Days forum.

Brooke's All Important Disclaimer: Short spoilers this week, only a few main storylines going on, let's hope the main focus is on John and Marlena.