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General Hospital Spoilers!

Here's the Scoop! 01.19.09


Tomorrow is pre-empted... Presidential Inauguration. Tune in, tune out... do what you must.

Stunt... Underwhelmed or Onboard? I'm reserving judgment. More to come as another hour is explained away today.

Robin's PPD... She'll be ready to admit to it until Matt and Maxie drop by and bicker in the Drake Family living room. They'll remind Robin of her and Patrick back in the day. Moment of truth for Robin lost.

Olivia gets involved in the Jax - Nikolas feud over Spoon Island. I keep forgetting that this storyline is even going on. Does anyone even care anymore? Jax is trying to reconcile with his wife. Nikolas has been in Washington trying to help Nadine. The Emily look-a-like is hitting town. Is this feud even necessary anymore? Nikolas wants Jax's plans for Spoon Island to stop. Too bad Olivia works for Jax.

Is Lulu trying to recreate her parent's great love? That seems to be a popular opinion lately.

Jason wants to see Patrick. He's afraid Carly is getting her hopes up where Michael is concerned. Patrick has a question for Jason (and maybe Nikolas too) about Robin and whether or not she's been acting strange lately. Carly has an opinion on Robin and she's offering it up to Patrick. Remember, Carly personally invites Robin to the benefit and Robin is rude to her.

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Nikolas... He's not over Em. All together now, DUH! Lulu worries about her brother when he tells her he thinks he just saw his dead fiance.


The pic of Maxie and Johnny... Everyone wanted to know what's going on there. Well remember there's a blizzard hitting Port Chuck along with the biotoxin. Is Maxie in an accident? Is Robin? Emma's got a fever and Robin takes her to GH. Is Johnny there to help them or is something else happening?

The Haunted Star... Once RUMORED to be blowing up now RUMORED to have someone sneaking aboard. Will Luke catch them?

Kate's down? Looks like Kate goes down from the toxin. What else do I have on Kate? She's going to watch the DVD that fingers Claudia as the one responsible for Michael's shooting.

Matt exposed? Yes and the Promo seems to dispel previous RUMORS that Matt is not affected by the toxin. Does this mean the Lulu needs surgery stuff is false? It MAY not be as there is still the aftermath of the whole event. Matt MAY wind up being OK and it's all hands on deck. IF he's OK, he'll need to be a Doctor. What MAY be happening to Matt is that he COULD be going down from anesthesia being released into the operating room. Patrick suits up and enters the OR to save people.

Rebecca's applying for a job at GH. What job? Doctor? Chemist? X-ray tech? Her resemblence to Emily Quartermaine is SUPPOSED to be explained.

FANFIC or SPOILER... Sam has amnesia? There's a RUMOR out there that Sam will be losing her memories.