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General Hospital Spoilers!

Here's the Scoop! 01.20.09


Elizabeth is sick and everyone wants to know ... Will Jason know she's been affected by the toxin? Yes. Will he care? Sort of. Liason fans won't see Jason sitting bedside while the mother of his child. He'll be off in his cape trying to find out who's behind this and how to save those affected.

Jason on the outside or inside? We saw Super-Jase in the hospital when all hell breaks loose. He MAY be leaving the hospital to follow leads before the lock-down occurs. So the RUMORS having him on the outside MAY not be wrong after all.

In the comments yesterday: Virus/Biotoxin different ailment same story as Jason and Sam look for an antidote to the toxin. Jason will know that Elizabeth and Monica are sick although the reaction fans are hoping for MAY not be happening for either lady. The antidote is found and administered to those in need. Elizabeth receives it with Lucky sitting bedside. Jason and Sam are said to be looking through the window. If that scene isn't meant to separate the quad, I don't know what is.

The guy breaking into the Haunted Star... is it someone Luke has met on his travels? He's Australian.

Where's Emma? With Audrey most likely. One THEORY has Robin leaving Emma with the nurse and not going to the hospital as it looks in the promo but to the store to get stuff for the baby. Robin runs off the road because of the storm and Maxie finds her in the snow and out of it.

Everything I am seeing says Emma will be fine. Robin is SUPPOSED to be disoriented from the cold and can't remember where she left Emma. BUT before all this it looks like Mr. and Mrs. Drake get into a little spat over Carly's diagnosis of Robin. Patrick is SAID to call Robin after talking to Carly and he tells her what her arch nemesis had to say.

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Will we see/know that Robin left the baby in good hands? No. According to RUMORS, we see Robin leave with Emma and we SHOULD see Emma in the car with her momma. Then Maxie finds Robin in the snow and Emma is nowhere to be found.


The Crisis... Goes into February. Leyla is RUMORED to be dying during the first week. Trevor is RUMORED to collapse and we all saw the Promo where Kate goes down as well.

Patrick's interrogation... It SHOULD be when the quarantine has been lifted and one RUMOR says it's after all the deaths have happened. The lead up to the stunt ends on the 28th. There is still the quarantine after that.

OLD RUMORS popping up again... Remember when there was that RUMOR that had Robin being committed for her PPD? It's back.


Too many plot points for Michael not to wake up? Will he be SORAS'd and re-casted? FANFIC, SPOILER or PURE WISHFUL THINKING? If and when Mikey comes out of his coma will he embrace his Quartermaine roots? Here's one to chew on... What if Michael finds out that his newest step-mom was responsible for him losing almost a year of his life? What if Sonny stays married to Claudia despite her role in Michael's shooting? Is that enough to drive Michael up the Quartermaine driveway? IF Michael returns to the canvas will the rest of the kids get an overhaul? Morgan has been RUMORED to be getting the SORAS treatment and GH has been lacking that teen set lately as Maxie, Spinelli, Lulu and Johnny can't be classified as teens.

Remember... no General Hospital today.