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The Bold and the Back From the Dead

It looks like Luke won't have to wash Mike's mouth out with soap after all. I just finished watching today's episode of The Bold and the Beautiful and for the first time in months I didn't have to fast forward through 15 minutes of the 20 minute broadcast.


As more and more Forresters grow weary of seeing the company their parents built being handed off to Logans, B&B is starting to resemble a soap opera again, as opposed to a Saturday Night Live skit spoofing one. Could it be that Brad Bell is finally listening to the fans and refocusing this show around the characters we actually care about? Today's episode saw the fabulous Felicia Forrester (Lesli Kay) putting the moves on old flame Nick Marone (Jack Wagner) in an attempt to get a design job with Jackie M. I haven't seen Wagner share this kind of chemistry with a screen partner since Heather Locklear on the original Melrose Place. Let's hope TPTB keep this thread going. 

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Nick also interacted with a fed up Thorne (Winsor Harmon), as the Marones attempted to smoke out which Forrester was sending them Eric's designs anonymously. Who better than Nick for Thorne to commiserate with over being the less-than-favored son? Much like Stephanie and Eric (John McCook) have always had twin boners for Ridge (Ron Moss), Massimo (Joe Mascolo) always acted like the sun rose and set on Ridge's chisled cheeks.

Nick's mama, Jackie (Lesley-Anne Down) made me rethink my stance about her place on the soap today in her scenes opposite Stephanie (Susan Flannery) and Clarke (Daniel McVicar). Down's campy, old school schtick actually works for this storyline. Jackie is doing Sally (the late Darlene Conley) proud. I'm surprisingly impressed.

It's probably no surprise to anyone who has read my ravings about the pairing, my favorite part of the episode was the sweet, yet liquid hot kiss between Bridget (Ashley Jones) and Owen (Brandon Beemer), aka Browen. Prior to this pairing, the lovely Jones had been stuck playing the odd woman out in one storyline after another, as her character's sister, mother, and/or aunt walked away with her men. All that was left, was for Grandma Logan to bag Nick. Thank the Soap Gods, Bridget finally has a potential romance with a smoking hot guy who hasn't been completely soiled (Owen and Donna never went all the way) by one of her kin. As for Beemer, this man is one of the hottest finds in recent daytime history, and he can act to boot. Bell would be smart to play the hell out of this storyline and not lose another soap stud (Rick Hearst, Mario Lopez, Antonio Sabato Jr.) to greener pastures by stubbornly staying on the Forrester/Logan incest-o-round.  

In today's episode, every time a Forrester delivered a line about being sick to death of having the family company overrun by Logans,  this B&B fan since 1989 rejoiced. Stephanie, Felicia and Thorne are speaking for this show's core fanbase. The only Logan we care about is Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang), and let's face it, after marrying Eric, Ridge and Thorne, Brooke is just as much a Forrester as Stephanie. Rick (Kyle Lowder) and Bridget are also essential, as Brooke's children with Eric and constant thorns—pardon the pun—in the sides of the original Forresters. Lowder is growing more amazing by the day. If only the soap could find a suitable leading lady, whose character doesn't share the same last name as Rick. As for Brooke's sisters, Donna (Jennifer Gareis) and Katie (Heather Tom), they could both hitch onto the first thing running out of LA and I certainly wouldn't shed a tear.

Heather Tom belongs, and is desperately needed on The Young and the Restless. B&B's sister soap is near perfect. The return of the real Victoria Newman would be icing on what is already a very rich cake. As for Gareis, it is a sin and a shame that she was given the front burner on this soap for most of 2008, while actors like Flannery, Kay and Harmon were relegated to glorified extra status. In this day of rapid viewer erosion, Bell is smart to be quickly rectifying this situation as 2009 gets underway. Let's hope someone doesn't get a wild hair next week and decide to once again back burner the Forresters and have Pam drizzling Donna and Katie in honey, or worse, designing a new Forrester Creation out of Play Dough.