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Claire Coffee OFF Contract at General Hospital!

Most fans were expecting some sort of shake-up for Nurse Nadine when it was announced that Natalia Livingston was returning to General Hospital. Claire Coffee took to her message board to let the fans know just what's up with her status at GH.


Hi Everyone!

It's been a while since I've stopped by...

I sort of figured this was coming, but wanted to be absolutely certain until I relayed the news.

I have been taken off contract, effective February 8. It's a mutual decision; I completely understand the stresses of the producers and writers and the Nadine storyline seemed to coming to a close. I won't be exploding in a ball of hospital flames, but you probably won't see me much around the hospital, either. Tough times in the economy, Port Charles included! Jill Phelps has been incredibly supportive and I have nothing but respect and reverence for my time at GH. Thank YOU ALL for your support.

Signing off,


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