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General Hospital Spoilers!

Here's the Scoop! 01.21.09


Another day, another hour explained away. Jason wants to see Patrick before Carly gets her hopes up.

By now I'm sure you've all seen the news that Claire Coffee (Nadine) has been taken off contract. While she's been placed on recurring status, the actress herself does not seem to believe we'll be seeing much more of her. I would ASSUME they'll keep her around to provide a little angst for Nikolas and Rebecca.

Nikolas and Emily re-do... They're sure laying the groundwork for it. Nikolas will be talking about his dead fiance and how much he still loves her this week. RUMORS have him going to see Monica and Robin. After seeing Robin, Patrick will ask if he noticed anything off with the new mom. Soon, Nikolas will see the Emily look-a-like and think his eyes are playing tricks on him or that his tumor is back. Nik is RUMORED to confide in Lulu about seeing Emily and he's not the only one thinking he's seeing things.

Monica will think her daughter has come to take her away. Remember, Monica is exposed to the toxin. Will they kill another Quartermaine? They MAY make us think they will.

Father - Daughter scene? Claudia and Anthony SHOULD be mixing it up but will they be sharing with each other? Not likely. Claudia will get her hands on some info regarding dear old dad thanks to Ric. Will the current Mrs. Corinthos learn who pulled the trigger when the almost - Mrs. Corinthos took a bullet on the altar?

So... Kate holds Claudia's fate in her hands and Claudia has the information Sonny wants. Kate will know what's on those DVD's.

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Lucky and Sam... Ending next week. LL2 re-do. Lucky will be all about his family and Elizabeth.

Ethan...Casting news broke yesterday. Claire gets downgraded but a newbie is coming? WTF? I recognize that the writers have written Nadine into a corner but they could just as easily write her out of that corner they put her in. Sorry I like Claire. But back to Ethan... plenty of RUMORS out there about the new Aussie hitting town. Is he really Dante? Remember OLD RUMORS said when Dante arrived in PC, we wouldn't know it was really him. Some are SPECULATING that Ethan COULD be a love child of Luke and Holly, Robert and Holly or maybe Ethan is that child Jax has been RUMORED to be getting. General Hospital doesn't respect history enough to make him Luke's, Holly's or Robert's. So what's his story? Ethan is SUPPOSED to be a con man. Luke and he first "meet" on the Haunted Star and one RUMOR has Ethan there when Luke gets the call about the crisis going down at GH. Will Ethan go to GH with Luke? MAYBE as RUMORS go on to say that Ethan MAY be meeting Lulu when he comes to her rescue.  Luke is SAID to find Ethan hustling with a pool cue and offers him a job.


Speaking of Loo Loo... Is she getting hurt as previously SPOILED? Maybe not. As we saw (and discussed yesterday) Matt will have some effects from the OR disaster but he MAY not be taken out by the toxin like the rest of the OR crew. That left the POSSIBILITY of Lulu still needing Dr. Hunter's medical servces. The LATEST says Lulu MAY be OK after all.

Back to Ethan and him POSSIBLY being Dante. We'll make this the FANFIC or SPOILER, you be the judge. Let us know what you think... IF Ethan is Dante, this is one THEORY of how it's happening. Olivia is once again on the phone with her son when she tells him she'll be attending a benefit for Michael Corinthos at General Hospital. Ethan is a con man who beats Luke at a game of cards, Luke wants to hire him to swindle the clientele at the Haunted Star. When Luke gets the crisis call that his wife and daughter are trapped at GH, Ethan overhears and heads to the hospital. How will we know Ethan COULD be Dante? This RUMOR says Ethan loses his Australian accent at will.


Where's the fire? We saw it in the crisis montage and the latest round of promos for the stunt made it seem like the OR wasn't in flames. Is it possible the flames were an overlay on the OR drama and the fire breaks out somewhere else in the hospital? RUMORS say that the hospital is undr quarantine from the toxin but that people are also trapped by the fire. Will the fire make it impossible for people to get to the patients who have been quarantined? Is this why Lucky must risk his life to get to Elizabeth?

The case of the missing Emma Drake... It looks like Robin is taking Emma to the hospital because of a high fever. Is that a little misleading? When is an ABC promo not misleading? Robin MAY be taking Emma to either Audrey or to whomever watched her during the Scrubs wedding and is really on her way to the hospital because she is aware of the crisis going down at GH. Either way, when Maxie finds Robin in the snow, she's out of it and can't remember what happened to Emma.