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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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I didn’t get a chance to post yesterday, but there were a couple of WTH moments that I needed to comment on before going onto today’s stuff.

Moment #1: They’ve beaten us over the head with the fact that all of this is happening on the same day, hour by hour, yet Patrick says to Liz that Matt visited “yesterday”. It wouldn’t have been “yesterday” it would have been an hour or two before. That’s a rather large blooper to either accidentally write or leave in there.

Moment #2: Layla is suddenly engaged to someone we never knew existed. Epiphany, who usually screams at everyone to shut up about personal business and get back to work, is suddenly all chummy chummy with her,and allowing her to moon over his picture and take calls from him without a comment. Made me scratch my head until I realized that likely meant Layla’s days are numbered. Which, since I’ve pretty much never liked Layla, is fine with me.

Moment #3: Actually flows into today, since it has to do with NotEmily. I know she’s supposed to be this tough chick (the gum chewing tipped me off), but I can’t take her seriously with that silly hat on her head. I know, I know it’s a plot point, a disguise almost so that people don’t notice or recognize her right away, but I find it hard to believe in a hospital where everyone knew Emily, that the only person she’s come in contact with was Matt. Didn’t she run into someone when she was in the personnel office getting the application? Janitors on the elevators? Anyone by the boardroom? Having said that, I did get a chuckle out of the absurdity of today’s scene where Nikolas, Liz and Patrick are talking and NotEmily gets off the elevator, then decides to get back on the other elevator, which then stays open to let on eleventy other people, while Patrick faces that direction and doesn’t notice.

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Speaking of Nik, I liked his scene with Robin. It’s nice to see characters who have history together interacting, although they could have toned down the “Emily is the bestest best of loves ever” a little. Foreshadowing is not subtle on this show.

I love Robin, but I hate that she’s now going to scream at Carly and it will be Carly who will figure out that Robin is having problems. If it isn’t Saint Jason with all the knowledge, then it’s Carly. Ugh.

As much as I love seeing my man Ric’s lovely naked chest, I still don’t understand why they went back to the house to do the deed, when they apparently have a room at Jake’s to do the deed. Interesting that he told her the truth about dear old dad, but I get the bad feeling that that is going to come back and bite him. Claudia’s loyalty will be with Sonny rather than Ric.