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General Hospital Spoilers!

Here's the Scoop! 01.22.09


Remember to check the comments... Here's what you may have missed yesterday:

Jason knows about the terrorism situation and as Patrick is about to leave the hospital he gets a call from Jason saying that Agent Rayner wants to question the patient Matt just wheeled into the OR. Too bad Matt decided to operate without looking at the x-rays first as Patty boy does take a look and sees little balls in the man’s belly. THE TOXIN! Matt slices in and slices up one of the balls in Earl's (that's the patient's name) stomach releasing the toxin. Dr. Hunter tries to get everyone out of the OR but the toxin hits them hard. They can't CONTAIN IT... sorry a little sarcasm... as the toxin makes its way to other parts of the hospital. Patrick tries to figure out what is in Earl's belly and realizes that the four remaining balls have been affected by stomach acid and they are looking at a MAJOR crisis.

Was the Matt, Maxie and Scrubs scene a plot point for things to come?

Twist in the Dante reveal... what if it's Olivia who finally fesses up? RUMOR has it that she will be the one to tell Sonny the truth and that Kate knew about it all along.

Olivia's secrets can't stay hidden forever. Especially when Ethan is RUMORED to be Dante. 

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Can Kate get one of the secrets out before the toxin knocks her out? She'll get her hands on a DVD but where could it be?

We've been dishing for months that someone MAY wind up preggers. Who is it? Not 100% sure but the most likely candidate is Claudia. The current Mrs. Corinthos would be having her brother-in-law's baby and that little bambino COULD be what saves Claudia's hyde.


We all know Jason is going to get out of the deal with the feds somehow. Spinelli has been RUMORED to find the info necessary to keep his butt out of prison and Jason from turning on Sonny. How does he do it and what does he find? Well Spin is gonna start hacking away again in hopes of helping his mentor and uncovers some feds who are taking bribes.

Another newbie? RUMORS that a teenaged female is being cast. Could this be a SORAS'd Kristina?

It was a light day today... so ask away if you have any questions.