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The Young and the Restless Spoilers

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Truth time's the soup of the day on The Young and the Restless.

Kevin and Amber hatch a crazy plot in their quest to help the grand dame of Genoa City all in the name of a ring. The duo decide to bust into the pawn shop that Kay hocked her ring to in order to get the receipt that shows she did. Katherine doesn't know what the pair are up to and unfortunately for them they don't find anything linking Mrs. C to the pawn shop. Meanwhile, Michael gives Kay some bad news. The judge squashes their request for a DNA test with her next of kin. The judge lets them know that there isn't enough evidence compelling Jill to submit to a DNA test.


Katherine is right at her breaking point when Michael comes up with a scheme; dress as her old self to confront the jeweler that purchased her ring from the pawn shop so that she can identify it. The jeweler shows up at Murphy's place with the ring and it fits Kay like a glove. Michael and Katherine convince the jeweler to let them borrow the ring so they can finally prove who she (Katherine) really is. Michael and Kay go to the pawn shop in order to have the owner confess to buying the ring from her. Katherine's nervous playing out the plan but knows this is the way to prove who she says she is. The pawn shop owner is the key to helping her and she's hell bent on having him own up to her selling the ring to him.

Paul/Nikki: They finally seek Katherine out and Paul's convinced that Kay is the real deal. Unfortunately, Nikki doesn't share his sentiments, she's still smarting from being hustled from David and finds it hard to trust people especially buying that Katherine's alive. Later on, Nikki receives word about her older sister Casey and it's not good.

Nick/Sharon: The former high school sweethearts get stuck together.

Red discusses her concerns regarding Nick to Jack.

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Michael/Eden: They share a close moment.

It  seems like they decide to put their differences aside and set out on a dangerous scheme to help out Kay.

JT/Colleen: The duo frantically hunt for Brad.

Jack/Sharon: Sorry Shack fans, the duo have a goodbye, albeit tear-jerking, when they finally put a fork in their relationship and say its done. Smilin ' Jack appears at the cabin that Sharon's been staying at to get her head clear about her next move and her life. Sharon is taken aback when she sees Jack and Jack tries to give it the old college try for their marriage, but its dead in the water. The electricity goes off in the cabin and Jack goes to start up the generator and while doing so, he lets Sharon know that he has the divorce papers, but tries to convince Sharon not to sign them. Sharon knows that Jack loves her and is hoping that she'll change her mind about ending their marriage. She knows that Jack will always be Jack, a man who lies and stops at nothing to get his way. The couple finally realize what they've lost and say farewell to each other. Sharon lets Jack know that she will always care deeply for him. Jack finally sees that his marriage is over and heads out of the cabin.

Later, Brad pops up and professes his undying love for Sharon, who only sees Brad as a friend. Brad still tries to get Sharon to see how good they are together. Unfortunately for him, Brad figures out the only man Sharon will ever love is Nick and Sharon lets him know as much. Brad knows he can't compete against a guy who was Sharon's first love from high school. Brad starts to head out of the cabin and lets Sharon know that he will always love her. He leaves in a powerful blizzard.