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General Hospital Spoilers!

Here's the Scoop! 01.23.09


Not much out there today... typical Friday.

Nikolas "sees" Emily.
It's Rebecca and he drops the phone to chase after her.

Kate is sneaking around Sonny's... She' s there looking for the DVD's and Kate wants Olivia to help her warn Sonny about his wife. Kate gets all the goods on Claudia and heads to the fundraiser to tell Sonny. Road blocks? Of course! Olivia gets in Kate's way at Carly's request. Kate asks Lulu to get to Sonny for her, but we all know Lulu is not a stellar employee. More fighting for the Falconari cousins. Kate goes down thanks to the toxin but what happens to the DVD she has with her?

Who will live and who will die? Leyla and Trevor are the two names that have popped up over and over again. Dr. Andy from Night Shift is a casualty and one more person should be taking a dirt nap. Most likely an extra/day player but we'll be lead to believe that a few characters are knocking on heaven's door.

The Jackal is SUPPOSED to get the goods that clears his name and gets the feds off Jason 's back. Will he offer to work for Agent Rayner?

Questions I didn't get to yesterday...

Do we know anything more about these two Regan? How their story lines cross through out this crisis?

This question was about Jason and Sam… They’ll work together to figure out who is behind the crisis.

Any Rebecca spoilers? Have you heard anything about JoLu ending? Any new info on a SORAS'd Michael?

Nothing new on Rebecca other than she MAY be playing with Monica’s head. We all Monica is going down thanks to the toxin and she’ll think Rebecca is Emily coming to take her away.

There are always RUMORS of JoLu ending as most are fans of Johnny’s but not necessarily Lulu’s. They are however SUPPOSEDLY well liked by Brian Frons and well we all know how that goes. There is some CHATTER that Lulu COULD be the one who winds up knocked up. Do fans want to see another Lulu pregnancy storyline?

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Not much more to report on the POSSIBLE SORASing of Michael Corinthos III. There were RUMORS that a casting call is out for a teenaged female and of course ASSUMPTIONS jumped to a SORASed Kristina.

Remember a while back there were rumors that if Steve Burton didn't renew his contract that they might put Liason back together and write them off together. What happened to that rumor? Any news about SB's contract? I would hate to see RH leave but her storylines seem kind of weak now. It's kinda sad how I still hold out for Liason.


No real news in regards to Steve Burton’s contract.

Have you ever seen a character so abused like what they have been doing to my girl Kate lately?

Yes I have. Doesn’t make it right though.

I forgot to ask this earlier Regan, but I have no idea why someone would ingest the toxin balls - any thoughts?

Stupidity? Dumb writing? Who knows.

Also, with Spin being able to clear his own name...does that mean Sam won't have to work for AZ? I sure hope this will put an end to that s/l..

It SHOULD put an end to that but who knows. There are RUMORS that Mark Pinter (agent Rayner) COULD be sticking around a little longer as well as Winnie so Jason MAY still be working with the feds in some capacity and I am sure Sam will tag along.

Am I the only one who really digs Ric and Claudia? I just love RH in general but the chemistry between the two is simply sparky.

I like them so that means they for sure won’t be together. There are the RUMORS of Claudia being the impregnated one and the daddy would be Ric. BUT Frons has once again stepped in and he wants Claudia with Sonny.