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George and Juliana to the ER STAT!!!!!!

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Eonline and TV Guide are reporting the return of A-list superstar George Clooney to ER.  Also to accompany him will be Doug Ross' longtime sweetheart, Carol Hathaway once again played by Julianna Margulies.  Clooney made his last apperance on the show in 2000 in Margulies' final episode.

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This contines the long running medical drama's march to the end of it's final season.  Earlier this season we saw the flashback return of Anthony Edwards as the deceased Dr. Mark Greene.  Other returns have included Laura Innes (Dr. Kerry Weaver), Paul McCrane (Dr. Robert "Rocket" Romano), Abraham Benrubi (Jerry Markovic).  Also in the coming weeks there will be other returns including but not limited to; Alex Kingston (Dr. Elizabeth Corday) and Noah Wyle (Dr. John Carter)

The only problem that I have seen with these returning actors is that they are showing us what the show was and that the writing just isn't quite what it used to be.  What do you think?