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Tom Casiello Books Trial Deal With The Young and the Restless!

Congratulations to multiple Daytime Confidential podcast guest Tom Casiello, who has landed a trial deal with The Young and the Restless. The Emmy-winning breakdown writer broke the news on his offical blog.  Here's a peek at what Casiello has to say about his long-awaited return to daytime:


I'm incredibly excited and unbelievably nervous, but I can tell you that I plan on devoting my ALL to this show. I love what Maria Arena Bell has been doing this last year, and I've been incredibly invested in the show for a long time now. After talking to the different members of the team I worked with, just knowing I have their support as well, on top of Maria and Hogan and Scott's support, means everything to me. I never want to get a job on my friendships alone, so knowing many of them believe in me as a writer is truly amazing. I can't wait to dive right in."

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