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WTF!? Rotten Rick is Helping the Marones on The Bold and the Beautiful?!

Color me all shades of confused. This week's Soap Opera Weekly reveals that it isn't Stephanie (Susan Flannery), or Thorne (Winsor Harmon) or Felicia (Lesli Kay) who has been secretly emailing Forrester Creations sketches to the competition, it's Rick (Kyle Lowder)!


I have to give it to Brad Bell and Co., I certainly didn't see this one coming. Why on earth would Rick, who Eric (John McCook) and Brooke (Katherine Kelly Lang) dote on and make excuses for ad nauseum feel slighted enough to sabotage the family fashion firm? Three words: His horny niece.

According to the magazine article Rick feels no one will ever respect his role at Forrester or sign off on his icky relationship with Steffy (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood), yet another of his brother's daughters. The mag goes on to reveal Rick confesses to both Steffy and Eric next week. While I have to admit, it's nice to be surprised old school-style, I was sincerely hoping the secret Forrester was one who actually needs more screentime like Felicia or Thorne. I am loving Lowder, but come on Brad, share the wealth! At least Kay has her multi-episode Ghost Whisperer stint to keep her challenged as an actress.

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