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Jack to Get a New Lady on Young and Restless

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Anyone hoping that the demise of Shack (Sharon and Jack) will reunite the red-hot duo that is known around the Internet as Phlack (Phyllis and Jack) better get that notion right out of their heads for the time being. Soap Opera Digest  has reported that The Young and the Restless has sent out a casting call for a female who is known to households and has no affiliation with soaps to become a love interest for Jack (Peter Bergman). Y&R has also hired an actress to play the role of Alex, who is depicted as a "twenty something beautiful heroine." Rumors are already buzzing on the Internet as to whether or not the character is a red-herring replacement for an actress on the canvas (Colleen) or the return of a fan favorite (Mac). No word on when Alex will make her debut  or who is taking the job. Stay tuned as Daytime Confidential will bring you updates to this latest development.

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