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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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These are very brief as I have only five minutes to post...

Call me crazy, but I loved the Carly/Robin scenes today. It wasn't too over the top on Robin's part, which I expected. Carly was actually kind of nice to her. They agreed to a truce for the benefit. Carly went to see Patrick and I liked that her explanation for Robin's denial is that Robin thinks Carly is a bad mother and if she had postpartum depression, then Robin can't possibly have it because she's not a bad person like she thinks Carly is. That makes sense to me. I'm still not a fan of the fact that Carly is the one to bring it to Patrick's attention, but overall I'm okay with how it went down. I liked the desperation in Robin's voice when she was alone with the baby, begging her to stop crying, if just for a minute. Felt very real, and I was actually starting to worry about Emma. I also like that realistically, Patrick is now in denial as well.

Don't understand Claudia's motives in going to Anthony and basically letting him know that she knows the truth and that Ric told her. Stupid move if you ask me.

I'm tired of NotEmily hanging out at the hospital all day.

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Didn't understand the Sonny/Kate scene. She was all "I'm over you", yet barely a week ago, she was in his house, in his room, in Claudia's face. Do we have different writers at play here?

Not loving Olivia being all "Sonny, you're a good man". Can't stand when these women forget that the man kills people who get in his way. I did laugh when she was gushing about Jax though, since Sonny hates that.

Loved Tracy talking trash about Carly. Agreed with every word she said. Also loved that Nikolas put her in her place about Emily.

Spinelli's an idiot for going to Agent Raynor. Let's hope Maxie talked some sense into him.