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Don Diamont: "Sad Because I Spent My Entire Career Playing Brad"

Veteran Young and Restless actor Don Diamont revealed to TV Guide Canada's Nelson Branco that he is saddened by his upcoming exit from the CBS sudser, where he has spent the majority of his career.  Diamont has played Brad Carlton since 1985, save for a couple of years in the mid-eighties.


Branco got the scoop while tanning away on Cameron Mathison's Second Annual Soap Cruise —let's hope everyone brought their diaphragms just in case they are marooned on a madman's island and feel the need to lose their virginities like Jennifer Horton did during Days of Our Lives' Cruise of Deception storyline!

As for Diamont, don't feel too bad for the man whose character once strutted around the Abbott swimming pool set in a Speedo, before going on to become a corporate excecutive, who later killed off a Nazi hit men with the sheer might of his inner thighs (Someone at CBS actually allowed Lynn Marie Latham to write that drivel?). Diamont is a wildly popular leading man fresh from daytime's number one soap, I predict he won't stay unemployed too long. Hell if John Callahan and Mickey Rourke can find work again, of course Diamont can! Be sure to check out TV Guide Canada all week long for more soap scum from Mathison's  Cruise-o-Rama!

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