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Days of Our Lives Spoilers

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Hey Days fans! Welcome to another week of Days of Our Lives spoilers. I don’t know how many of you are going to be watching this week now that John and Marlena have gone (and because of their crappy sendoff), but for those gluttons for punishment who just can’t seem to 'vote with their remote', this week’s major storylines revolve around the birth of Mia and Sami’s babies, Bo’s visions of someone *cough* Kayla *cough* being hurt and Chloe’s affair with Daniel being discovered… by Maggie! What else is in store? Well, I'm tempted to give the spoilers and the show the respect they deserve, ie none, but I'm feeling a bit more responsible towards the fans, so with that in mind, keep reading for this week’s Preview from Denial Island (January 26 - 30).


Both Mia and Sami have their babies and Nicole gets to choose which one she wants. Gosh this storyline bugs me to no end. Yes, it’s soapy, and yes, it’s making me hate Nicole, but dang if I just want my EJ and Sami to figure this all out and be together! Alas, this is soapworld. Anyhoo, Sami’s baby is born not breathing! No! But never fear, the clever doctors at the Salem Clinic soon get the poor babe to breathe and Nicole in turn breathes a sigh of relief. Mia, on the other hand, has second thoughts after her babe is born (which Nicole delivers), but Nicole convinces the girl to do the right thing and give her up. The thing that makes me more sick? Dr Baker takes Mia’s baby in to Sami, and Nicole shows EJ “their” child who apparently looks amazingly like Sami. Will EJ twig?

Rafe is still in trouble. He and he killer duel for most of the week. The killer threatens the lives of Sami and her children, Rafe refuses to give up the safehouse location. Except then he does, and the killer leaves. Rafe goes after them and they have one final standoff that leaves the killer pretty badly injured. He’s discovered at the docks by Maggie and taken to the University Hospital where he’s treated by Kayla. She thinks he looks familiar, but can’t place where she knows him from. Rafe tries to warn Sami but does he know where she is?

Hope is in danger – at least, according to our newest psychic Bo. He has more visions this week of orderlies, guernies and hospitals, but who is it about? And why can’t he have a vision over the Mayor’s killer, since Abe seems to think he’s doing a crappy job at finding him. Geez, this psychic business sucks, eh Bo? Bo knows his visions are telling him that Hope is in danger – but he shares this news with Steve, rather than Hope, reasoning that Hope will think him crazy (he’s probably right). Bo then gets more visions linking Hope, Kayla, a gun and the hospital and he and Steve become convinced the two women need to be kept apart (but not told the truth, right Dena?).

Speaking of truth, Maggie catches Daniel and Chloe. How does that happen? Daniel sees Chloe and Lucas playing happy families. He leaves Chloe a message saying they can’t be together (haven’t we already heard this?). Chloe returns his call and Maggie overhears. Chloe complains to Maggie that she hates Lucas making Sami a priority (reason enough to go out and get your own "priority", right Chloe?). Maggie tells her to just take a leap of faith, Lucas and Sami share children, yada yada yada. Chloe goes over to Daniel’s apartment, which seems to be the one across the hall from Steve and Kayla. Why is this important? Maggie does Kayla a favor and takes one of Joe’s toys home, whilst there, she sees Chloe and Daniel outside his apartment, kissing and rearranging their clothes. They’ve obviously just bumped uglies. Maggie and Chloe have it out, but Maggie wont keep this a secret from Lucas. What will Lucas say?

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Philip and Stephanie go on a date. But do their ideas of a date match? Philip wants to dazzle his intern with a private jet and dinner in Chicago – instead Stephanie takes him to the Cheatin’ Heart (where ex-bf Max is probably working, as he tells Philip to stay away from sister Melanie. Max, FYI, noone wants to get close to that scrag, stop worrying) where she beats him at a game of pool and he buys out the entire pub so they have the place to themselves. Awww, cute.

In Other, Shorter Storylines:

  • Abe and Lexie are in the celebratory mood when Theo is released from hospital
  • Melanie wonders whether to get the DiMera's involved in the Alternative Fuels Project
  • Kate thinks Daniel's not coping with their breakup (erm... Kate, selling tickets much?)

Coming Up Next Week (February 2 - 6):

  • Stephanie and Philip bump uglies
  • Kayla is shot (despite Bo's best efforts)
  • Something is still wrong with Sami's, I mean Nicole's baby
  • There may be something about Max and Chelsea kissing - but could be the week after

That's it for this week. As always, leave me a comment with your thoughts, or come join us in the TFO Days forum.

Brooke's All Important Disclaimer: Fans, I totally understand if you've stopped watching due to either the departure of John and Marlena, or because of their abysmal sendoff last week. No hard feelings, seriously.