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General Hospital Spoilers!

Here's the Scoop! 01.26.09

Jason will go to see Elizabeth when he learns she has been affected by the virus.
Sorry Liason fans, no bedside scene, just Jason walking up to Elizabeth's room, he sees Lucky and he leaves.


Sam in an accident? That's out there as the blizzard is also hitting PC. RUMOR has it that Sam will be involved in an accident with Earl (the doofus who swallowed the toxic balls) and this is what sends Earl to the ER at GH.

As we've told you, Patrick plans on heading home as Matt wheels Earl into the OR. All set to operate without looking at the x-rays, Matt knicks one of the toxic balls releasing the gas into the OR. Dr. Andy dies; Leyla, Elizabeth and Monica are all affected by the toxin. The toxic gas and possibly some anesthesia are released into the hospital vents. The benefit is happening in the board room.

Is Leyla dying or just being written out? One RUMOR has her being in a permanent vegetative state.

So the vents from the boardroom and the OR are linked up... but nothing else in the hospital? That's the explanation for the OR staff and the benefit attendees being the ones affected by the toxin. The toxin isn't the only problem, the blizzard and the fire at the nurse's station has the hospital in complete chaos. Why the fire? The gas from the OR is RUMORED to ignite the fire.

Patrick removes the remaining balls from Earl. Will someone steal the biotoxin again? There is a RUMOR out there that Rebecca MAY be taking the toxin. Remember, she's SUPPOSED to be working for the bad guys but when people start dropping like flies, Rebecca MAY have a gut check and question if she's teamed up with the right people. She SHOULD be helping with those that fall ill due to the toxin.

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The toxin takes Kate down. And good thing for Claudia that it does as Kate's about to tell all that Claudia is the person responsible for Michael's shooting. Trevor is also RUMORED to become ill and die. Claudia MAY be spilling Anthony's secret (he shot Kate) but she MIGHT not get the words out before she's out for the count as well.


Now that Kate knows the truth about Claudia, it's only a matter of time before she tells Sonny, right? One would ASSUME that as soon as the crisis is over and all is well that Kate will be going to Sonny with what she knows, right? Guza did say secrets would be revealed with this stunt and he never leads the fans in the wrong direction, right? WRONG! GH's second favorite word, BLACKMAIL, comes into play as RUMORS say Claudia will get one up on Kate and blackmails her to keep trap shut.

What about Olivia's secret?
Will Dante ever be revealed? Sonny will wonder just what Olivia is hiding and he MAY do some digging.

Speaking of digging... Is Nikolas going to give Sam her first P.I. job? RUMORS say he'll hire his cousin to look into Rebecca's past.

Is Maxie going to declare her love for Spinelli?
Will he shoot her down?

Trouble ahead for Johnny and Lulu? That's been out there for a while now.

Will Carly and Jax be on the same track only to be derailed once again? CarJax fans, a word of caution. While it MAY look like they're working things out, don't get too excited over it.

Spinelli and Winnie? Will they be teamed up or paired up?