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Generations: When Sistahs Attack!

All the bad press daytime has been getting of late has had at least one positive side effect. Pop culture bibles like TV Week and Entertainment Weekly are paying attention to the genre again and even reminiscing about it's rosier days. posted the above clip, featuring a classic, bitchtastic cat fight between Maya (Vivica A. Fox) and Doreen (Jonelle Allen) on NBC's short-lived Generations. Maya and Doreen battled it out over ice cream heir Adam Marshall (Kristoff St. John), whom the late-Bill Bell smartly snatched up for The Young and the Restless shortly after NBC foolishly cancelled the groundbreaking soap. What I wouldn't give to see this show released on DVD or aired online. After you watch the clip, check out my exclusive interview with Fox last fall where she talked about her soapy past.

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