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Billy Miller Just Held His Own With Eric Freakin' Braeden!

Okay it is official, Billy Miller is NO DOGGONE JOKE! This guy, just held his own with the Black Knight himself Eric Braeden aka Victor Newman on The Young and the Restless. Somebody call the gals at Soap Opera Digest, because this boy needs a cover!


I think I just orgasmed a little watching the scenes where Billy told Victor to cut to the chase concerning why Victor summoned Billy to Newman Enterprises. Braeden himself seemed to be enjoying the scenes— no doubt happy to share screentime with a young actor who can, you know, act...sorry Ms Bloom. Even though Victor has chest hairs older than Billy, game recognizes game, and both Billy's, Abbott and Miller, just proved beyond a shadow of a doubt they know how to play ball better than any new actor or character to grace daytime in recent years.

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