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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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I must admit that today’s episode was rather boring for me, so I may not have paid as close attention, while doing laundry, balancing my checkbook and chasing after a nine month old. But here’s what I saw…

Claudia: Hypothetically, I think you shot Kate

Anthony: If I did, hypothetically, I’d have to kill you and lose my shot at Father of the Year.

Anthony: Yeah, you can’t believe a word out of my crazy daughter’s mouth. She’s cuckoo for cocoa puffs and I would know.

Sonny: Ok, now leave so I can watch this lovely silver DVD I just found before your crazy daughter comes back and stops me.

Carly: I think Robin has post partum depression.

Patrick: Nuh uh.

Robin: Something’s wrong with me, something’s wrong with me.

Maxie: Is something wrong with you?

Robin: Nuh uh.

Patrick: You got a babysitter?

Robin: What do you mean by that? Do you mean that I can never go out of the house? Do you mean that the sky isn’t blue? Do you mean that 2 plus 2 no longer equals four? There’s nothing wrong with me. What do you mean?

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Lucky: Me make angry face. Why Sam come here?

Jason: Blink

Sam: Yeah, I think Lucky’s pissed about the whole Jerry in the hottub thing, and I was like, whatever.

Liz: Do I want to hear this?

Lucky: Me got jealous and talked to Jason.

Sam: Let’s go back to my place and boom shiki bow wow.

Lulu: I totally should be working right now since it’s the middle of a work day, but Johnny hasn’t found McDonald’s yet.

Kate: Why aren’t you working in the middle of a work day.

Carly: Yeah, I don’t like you because Sonny loved you for about six minutes, so Lulu, go take a seven hour lunch break.

Lulu: Hmm, I should probably go back to work, but what’s the fun in that, so I’m going to go home and nag Johnny and tell Maxie to go do my job for me. Hey, maybe Kate should hire Johnny and then both of us could be home during the day.

Spinelli: Stop treating me like a petulant child. I’m not, I’m not, I’m not.

Jason: Go to your room.

New Guy:
No one will find these gigantic golf ball sized balls because I’m going to swallow them. Good thing I have a giant glass of water to help get those suckers down.