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General Hospital Spoilers!

Here's the Scoop! 01.27.09


Everyone arrives at General Hospital for the benefit. Edward, Tracy, Sonny, Claudia, Nikolas, Nadine, Lulu, Carly, Kate, Olivia and others will be there.

Jason the hero? That's the usual story and it seemed that maybe this one time, Jason wouldn't be the one to save the day. With Patrick being front and center in the crisis storyline, it appeared that maybe he would be the one sporting the super hero cape. Patrick MAY still be at the top of the hero chain but it SEEMS that Jason isn't ready to give up his cape just yet. Jason will be the one who realizes one of the toxic balls is missing. Remember, yesterday I mentioned Rebecca possibly stealing one of the balls. NOW, it seems we MAY not know who took it as the culprit will be in a hazmat suit.

Matt feels responsible... Leyla will take a turn for the worse... Patrick gets a message from Robin.

Robin will finally touch her baby only to find out she's burning up. She decides to take Emma to GH and leaves Patrick a message that she is on her way with Emma. We've already talked about a "missing Emma" when Robin is found by Maxie. There's a blizzard and Robin has car trouble. RUMORS have her leaving Emma in the car while she goes to look for help. BUT did she? When Maxie and Johnny find Robin, where's Emma?

Robin will be helping move patients to Mercy after GH is quarantined. Does this mean Emma is OK? All RUMORS/SPOILERS seem to say the same thing. Baby Emma Drake will be fine.

Speaking of accidents... Sam SHOULD be getting into one today with Earl and his belly full of toxic balls. Maxie is still RUMORED to either get in one with Johnny or Johnny finds her after she slides into a snow drift.

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What about the toxin? Jason will be trying to find out who is responsible and Agent Rayner MAY NOT be sharing all he knows. The toxin is traveling through the vents at GH and the benefit attendees have been told to stay put in hopes of containing the toxin. Too bad it's coming. Kate collapses before she can spill about Claudia. Trevor goes down and Claudia is about to tell all that her father can walk and he shot Kate.

Spencer Family Time... Elizabeth and Lucky will be reunited. He'll be at her bedside when she's ill. Afterwards, RUMORS say they spend time together with the boys.

Couples get shaken up...
We saw the end of Liason, LuSam is OVER, Carly and Jax seem to be fighting an uphill battle, Skate have too many secrets, Clic isn't happening, where's the love in the afternoon? RUMORS have plenty of couples getting switched around. Who will make it in the end?


Maxie -Johnny test?
It SEEMS that MAY be coming as Johnny and Lulu have been RUMORED to have problems coming up and we'll get to see more of Maxie and Johnny when he's there to help after her accident. SPOILERS have Johnny taking Maxie to an abandoned garage where the two drink beer and open up.


Ethan... is he Dante? Most likely no. His story SHOULD be about Luke and Ethan MAY be tied to a family from Luke's past. I am still seeing RUMORS that Ethan will help Lulu.

RANDOM and CRAZY RUMORS... Spinelli working with Winnie? Still hearing that someone will be with child. Olivia and Jax MAY be finding comfort in each other.