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Oh Hells No! Is The CW Breaking Up David and Donna on Nu90210?


Say it ain't so! Word on the street is Donna Martin's marriage to Kelly Taylor's stepbrother David Silver will be on the skids when Tori Spelling reprises her signature role as primetime's latest bloomer on 90210. E! Online's Kristin says:

I'm hearing Donna (Tori Spelling) comes back to  Bev Hills and reveals she's having problems with David (paging Brian Austin Green!). Seriously, have any of these women been lucky in love?! I feel for the old school 90210-ers! The upside, though, is that their careers all appear to be going well (and global). Word is, Donna is thinking about opening a clothing store in Los Angeles and she's already a huge success in Japan."

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Now you mean to tell me, it took that boy what, eight years to hit that, and now they may break them up? Poor BAG didn't even get to experience Tor-Tor's new boobies (I wonder if she named them Claire and Emily Valentine?).

Some things should be sacred in the Pop Culture Universe. I want to believe that David Silver is a platinum-selling, white boy rapper, who starred in a biopic called Rodeo Mile about his life growing up in the hoods of Beverly, deejaying tunes by Shanice and Debbie— make that Deborah— Gibson and doing the Roger Rabbit dance at West Bev parties, while Donna Martin-Sliver just designed Michelle Obama's inaugural gown, and they are living soapily ever after! Can't I have my fan fic fantasies at the very least? First I lose Tupac, John-John, Lady Di and Left Eye, now this? 


It's bad enough that evil, vicious blonde she-witch (Is that oxymoronic? No?) Kelly (Jennie Garth) has Dylan's love seed, not Brenda (Shannen Doherty), now they wanna mess up David and Donna? Can't they try counseling? I mean, come on CW let's not be rash! Why can't David and Donna get a Wake-Up Call from Greg Whatshisface on SOAPnet?

 I guess now if Heather Locklear reprises her Melrose Place role as Amanda Woodward,she won't be wearing mini-skirts, or sleeping with people on desks and then getting up, putting her clothes back on and going to pitch meetings? Blasphemy! Don't mess with the classics people. In times like these our television love stories are what keep us off of rooftops, that and Cadbury Creme Eggs. Oh, and by the way, AnnaLynne McCord still sucks donkey peter, even with straight hair.