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The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers!

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Despite last week’s shocking revelation that Rick (Kyle Lowder) was the one sending Forrester designs to Jackie M, he won’t be taking up the presidency at the Marone fashion house anytime soon. Rick confessed to the design theft, and Eric declared, “you are no Ridge Forrester!” Well, thank goodness for that - Ridge is a jackass.  Eric (John McCook) then pushed everything off his desk in a huff and made a real mess – he was livid. However, he'll soon back down and try to wangle a way out of the agreement between Rick and Nick, all the while hiding the truth about Rick’s deception from the rest of his family. This leads to Nick and Eric making a deal.

A welcome end to Steffy and Rick’s borderline-incest romance looked to be on the cards, but Steffy is going to have a change of heart after speaking with Eric.

Brooke is shocked by Ridge’s accusation about the theft of Forrester designs.

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Remember Ridge called Steffy “Phoebe” when he saw her driving off with Rick? Well, it seems that the cracks are going to keep on showing as he continues to have trouble dealing with Phoebe’s death. Ridge will apparently break down, but it doesn’t sound too serious – soon afterwards he’ll be making his feelings clear to Steffy.

Taylor (Hunter Tylo) learns the truth and comes to her daughter’s defence, calling in back-up to help Steffy see her relationship with Rick is doomed. As James Warwick is returning on February 6th, it looks like he’ll be the one lending a helping hand.

Another familiar face set to return to B&B (in March) is Rocco Carner, who has been off the canvas since 1989. He has previously been romantically involved with both Donna and Katie, so hopefully he can help break up one of their boring and/or revolting relationships. Really, who’s a fan of either Donna/Eric or Katie/Nick? Okay, I know there are a few of you, but seriously... take your medication.

Stephanie will see more than she bargained for when she snoops on Steffy and Rick, leading to a confrontation with Rick.

Bridget makes a decision about her future. Apparently, she’s been “doodling” in her spare time and has her heart set on becoming a fashion designer. It looks like she’s going to give up her medical career to follow in the footsteps of her fashion dynasty family. But, rather than work at Forrester Creations, where she fears she’s never be taken seriously, Bridget instead submits her portfolio to Jackie M. Jackie and Nick are impressed, and Bridget will join the company. Ashley Jones (Bridget) recently spoke to Soap Opera Weekly about the upcoming storyline; she had this to say:

‘Bridget basically says, "I want to do this, but in order for me to do this, no one can know. Until you're ready to sign a contract with me, because I don't want to ruin my relationship with my dad over nothing. Jackie's like, "welcome to the company, Madame X." So, they agree to let Bridget come in and out of the company, and the front door, in disguise, as "Madame X". It actually does make sense, as far as security guards and press not being able to spot Bridget. But obviously Jackie's son is going to be able to tell it's Bridget.’