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Which Daytime Soap Should Take Home the GLAAD Media Award for Their Passive-Regressive Storytelling?

GLAAD has announced the nominations for their 20th Annual Media Awards, and whaddya know, both All My Children and As The World Turns, two daytime soaps who pimped their gay characters for nice ratings spikes whenever nothing else worked in 2008, yet stubbornly refused to tell anything resembling authentic stories for said characters have been nominated. Somewhere Sri Rao,is giving off that same "WTF?" look Faith Hill gave the year Carrie Underwood beather out for that CMA. 


 Rao, previously unknown to daytime, penned a beautiful, articulate, universal love story for SOAPnet's criminally-ineligible-for-a-daytime-nod General Hospital: Night Shift. If SOAPnet's cable cousins are going to do it that much better than the "real" soaps, they have got to figure out away for these shows to compete for industry awards. They get a way with paying Night Shift's cast and crew daytime wages, so why aren't they eligible for daytime awards?

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Note to GLAAD: Just because a program tells a gay story doesn't mean it should be recognized with an accolade. Tyler Perry has black people on House of Payne, but that doesn't mean he should receive an NAACP Image Award nomination for that modern day minstrel show mess. Oh wait, he did. Why do I bother again?

At any rate, which soap do you want to take home the award: All My Children, for their rushed, plot driven Bianca/Zach/Reese piece or As the World Turns, who gave Nuke such compelling obstacles as Ameera the Iraqi Nuke Hag, Student Council Elections Gone Wild and a randy Paw Paw struggling with his inner Nathan Lane, before climaxing —oh the irony in that statement—with the most chaste, insulting "love scene" since Lucy and Desi some how managed to conceive Little Ricky while sleeping in separate twin beds?