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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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You know what the problem with this sweeps-tacular is? Well, one of them anyway. It’s all happening within 9 hours, an average work day for most of us, yet there’s far too much movement on everyone’s part. The reason the Metrocourt explosion worked within the time frame thing was that they were all confined to the Metrocourt. These people are travelling all around town, seven hundred times within the same day. That works on a regular basis, but not really when they’re doing this. But that’s enough of that, here’s what I saw today…..

Lulu (on the phone): Maxie, you have to go to work for me, because I’m too stupid to just go back to work, and if I yell into this phone loudly enough, maybe you’ll hear me through the air and I won’t need this phone which I will now throw across the room like the petulant shrew that I am.

Lulu: You’re a lying liar who lies

Johnny: Wal-mart isn’t hiring people whose fathers are cuckoo for cocoa puffs.

Lulu: Oh boo hoo, you had it rough. Eh, try living with Luke Spencer. He was well….let me think…uh….well, there was that time when he didn’t pay any attention to me, me, me, me. That must be exactly like watching your father kill your mother. Besides, I have a job that I am never at, like right now, which I totally got on my own and not through my cousin who forced her husband to make his business partner hire me.


The audience: Burn!!

Sam: Oooooh Lucky

Lucky: Oooooh Elizabeth

The audience: Really writers?

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Sam: Jason, I’m totally the strongest, bravest, most heroic girl evah, but if I’m not back from docking crazy Anthony’s ship soon, come rescue me.

The audience: Aren’t those waterways frozen during the winter?

Agent Raynor: Haven’t you found out any information for us yet?

Jason: You just asked me that an hour ago.

Sonny: Why are you so jumpy?

Claudia: What? Me? Who’s jumpy? I’m not jumpy? Why would you say I was jumpy? If anyone here is jumpy it’s not me? Why would you say that? What are you doing? When are you going to be done doing it? I’m totally not jumpy.

Kate: Hey Olivia, I got my Nancy Drew licence last week, and since I have no work at the magazine to do apparently, I’m going to go sleuthing at Sonny’s to see what Claudia is up to.

Olivia: Snark, snark, snark, nothing I say or do makes it look like I even like, tolerate or respect you despite being your cousin.

Maxie: Why does every other woman in this town get to have a car accident, and I don’t.