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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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Who holds a fund raiser in a hospital board room? Aren’t those things usually held in banquet halls with like, a hundred dollar a plate meals, guest speakers and tons of rich people milling about with money falling out of their pockets? Where are all the rich people like Amanda Barrington and all of them? At least hire some extras who look rich to walk around. The whole thing is just weirdly done.

There’s a major biotoxin floating around a hospital, so why is the head FBI hanging out in the interrogation room of the PCPD, occasionally getting updates from the local mob guy and his computer lackey? Why haven’t all the police officers, Mac, Lucky as well as Raynor and Agent Winnifred shown up there to close the hospital to any incoming emergencies and try to contain this thing?

Shouldn’t the people who work for the World Health Organization or whoever usually shows up in those Hazmat suits be the ones going in to get the victims and going in to dig out the unbroken balls?

Why did Kate feel the need to tell Sonny about the DVD right now? It could have waited until morning, when he was alone and she’d have his full attention. Because unless she showed up with the DVD in her laptop, playing, there really would be no point since he’d need to see the evidence to believe her.

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She did, however, give me the line of the day:

Kate to Olivia: “Why are you even in Port Charles?”

Kudos to Kimberly McCullough. She’s playing that story so well, I’m actually worried about fictional Emma!

Can Lulu think of someone other than herself for five minutes? Oh no, my brother can’t possibly be seeing his dead fiancée again, because I have too much on my plate already.

Please tell me they aren’t going down the JoMaxie road.