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General Hospital Spoilers!

I got a snow day yesterday! I dropped some SCOOP in Tuesday's comments. Here they are in case you missed them:


Lulu and Sonny MAY be missing and POSSIBLY presumed dead. Johnny feels guilty. Kate goes off on Olivia and Carly of course doesn't believe he's dead. RUMORS have Claudia being the one to save Sonny. Could this be how Claudia's life is spared? Still hearing that Claudia's role is getting revealed and it COULD cause problems for JoLu. Remember, there are those RUMORS that Maxie and Johnny are getting a chem test. COULD this be FANFIC?

Winnie and Spin find out something ain't right with the FBI agents... not sure if this is something about Rayner or someone else. COULD this be how Winnie and Spin get chem tested?

Nazanin confirmed Leyla's death.

Trevor... still RUMORED to be kicking the bucket and admitting things as he goes. Will he and Anthony have one last talk that answers some of the unanswered? Johnny has been long RUMORED to really be Trevor's boy. But Trevor already has a son who pretty much hates his guts. Will Ric and Trevor find some peace before dear old dad departs?

Multiple explosions? Its GH ... one crisis is not enough.

RUMORS of Matt and Maxie scenes. More chem testing? They are really trying to see what sticks.

Elizabeth and Lucky will be sticking. There is no test, they are throwing these two back together like a 98 mph fast ball. It's insulting and pathetic.

NOW, Here's the Scoop! 01.29.09

I mentioned multiple explosions above... Are there more peeps missing when everything goes BOOM? Remember, Winnie is giving a rundown to her superiors and she mentions that they are not sure about who is in GH.

Slower than molasses? We've been going hour by painfully boring hour to tell the tale of the toxin's release. The LATEST WORD has the aftermath going by even slower.

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Relaxed Quarantine? A section of the hospital is quarantined. This SHOULD include the Boardroom where the benefit is being held; the OR where Earl's operation was as well as a whole chunk of GH being used to treat those exposed and who have fallen ill. So while GH is under quarantine, those already affected and exposed will travel freely around that section of the hospital.

Nikolas saves Rebecca... A stranger comes to Lulu's aid (Ethan perhaps?)... Maxie declares her love for Spinelli... Jax is desperate to get to Carly.

Nikolas will see little glimpses of his dead fiancé. We all know it's the newbie Rebecca Shaw. When will they come face to face? Before anything can really happen, when they do finally "meet", an explosion occurs.

Speaking of the explosions... remember the OR on fire in the promo? It will be one of the sites of the explosions. Gas from the OR is spreading throughout the hospital igniting fires and causing explosions.

As I mentioned, Lucky and Liz are on the high speed train to a reunion. Can we have a little build up, please? RUMORS have the pair declaring their love for one another.


The DVD is missing? Kate goes armed with evidence to tell Sonny his wife is responsible for his kid's coma and she loses the DVD? In all fairness, Kate is going down due to the toxin before she gets the chance to tell Sonny what she knows but now RUMORS say Kate and Olivia will be looking for the lost DVD.

Throw it all at Patrick... he can handle it. Dr. Drake tried to stop the surgery, he'll be in charge of the crisis hitting GH, plus having to answer all of Rayner's questions... why not have him worried about his wife and daughter as well? Patrick gets a message from Robin that she is on her way to GH with a sick Emma. So now, Patty boy has to worry about his wife and child out in a blizzard too.


As we've already dished and you've already seen, Robin has some car trouble in route to the hospital. The LATEST has her leaving Emma in the car as she goes to get help. Maxie finds her cousin passed out in the snow and disoriented. Eventually the RUMORS say Robin and Emma along with Maxie and Johnny, make it to GH. Robin pitches in by helping with having patients transferred while Emma is taken to a safe part of the hospital. While Patrick is being questioned, does Robin go missing? One RUMOR has Robin missing after one of the explosions.

Will Anthony kill his daughter? Claudia is affected by the toxin and it looks like ZaCrazy MAY try to send his daughter away, permanently. She knows he shot Kate and his plan to work over Sonny. Is it Sonny who saves Claudia? It looks like Sonny chose the right time to visit his wife's room. If once you don't succeed, try, try again and Anthony does. Unfortunately for the crazy old man, he keeps getting interrupted. On his last attempt, Claudia saves herself by pressing the call button.

Does Trevor learn Anthony's other secret? It looks like Trevor finds out that ZaCrazy can walk! Will Trevor try to kill Anthony? It seems so as Trevor strangles ZaCrazy and once again it MAY be Claudia pressing that call button to save her father's life. Why?! Hasn't she gone to everyone she could think of begging them to kill her father? I mean kill two birds with one stone Claudia... let Trevor kill Anthony and then finger Trev as the murder. Your dad's dead and Trevor gets put away. That's a win-win in my book. Instead, Claudia tells her hubby about Anthony shooting Kate and just as Sonny is about to put the old man down, Jason stops him. Jason needs to turn Anthony into the feds to save Spin.

Spinelli is working hard to figure out what the hell is going on. We've mentioned him uncovering some dastardly deeds by the feds (and that ultimately getting his butt out of hot water) but will the Jackal have a warning not to trust the FBI? Yep! Spinelli doesn't think the feds should get the toxic balls. Once again, GH makes law enforcement the criminals.


Are the feds criminals or just trying to quietly clean up their mess? They lost the toxin and needed Jason to track down Earl. Now, they have a major crisis happening because of all of it. Patrick doesn't trust Rayner either but he wants the toxic balls out of GH.