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The Young and the Restless Spoilers

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Bueno everyone! If you think that the spoilers I gave you earlier in the week were juicy, check out what's to come on The Young and the Restless.


Katherine: A judge turns the tides for her when he requests a DNA test.

Jill: She shocks everyone with a decision she makes.

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Phyllis/Nick/Sharon: The strain between the trio starts to boil to the point of causing Sharon to have a nervous breakdown. Before that occurs, Nick deals with Noah being in the hospital after falling him lying tail through the ice. Fear not fans, he makes a recovery. After getting word that Noah's going to be OK, Nick decides to fill Sharon in on what happened to their son. Since the cabin has terrible phone reception, Nick heads up to the cabin to take Sharon to Noah. Phyllis isn't happy about that plan since a storm is headed their way and also doesn't want Nick in the same breathing space as Sharon. Phyllis goes to the extent of offering to go up to the cabin herself to bring Sharon back or have Jack do so but, Nick vetoes those ideas and decides to go himself.

At the Abbott cabin, the power starts to go out when the snowstorm occurs, this doesn't make Sharon antsy at all since she's up there to reflect on her union with Jack and her life in general. Since she's in seclusion, Sharon decides to write Nick a letter, she realizes that he's the only man she's ever loved and decides to speak what her heart already knows as a healing process for her. Sharon isn't going to give Nick the letter, she just wants to express herself. After she's done writing, Sharon just discards the letter on the woodpile with every intention of burning it later on. Meanwhile Phyllis decides to follow her husband up to the cabin but unfortunately for her, the police deny her access because the roads are closed because of the storm. When Nick arrives at the cabin, it shocks Sharon which quickly turns into fear when he fills her in on Noah's hospital stay. This is all due to when their elder child Cassie fell through the ice and Sharon wasn't there for her. This time she wants to be there for her son and prepares to head back to Genoa City.

Nick tries to ease Sharon's anxiety, but she's still hell bent on going back so she can see Noah for herself. While the duo attempts to leave the cabin a park ranger appears and lets them know they aren't going to be leaving because all the roads have been shut down due to the storm. Nick and Sharon are stuck together at the cabin! As the old high school sweethearts prepare for spending the night and waiting out the storm, Nick decides to check on the head to make sure they are OK and when goes to add more wood for the fire, he finds Sharon's letter and reads it! He finds out how she feels about him and how she never envisioned her life being the way that it is now. The most important piece inside the letter is Sharon declaring that she wants Nick back and isn't interested in what he's done to her in the past. Sharon's revelation via her letter has Nick taken aback since he's clueless on her feelings for him. Viewers can remember when Nick Nick had his amnesia after the plane crash, he wanted to be with Sharon and had to deal with the fact that she was with someone else and his life was with another as well--Phyllis. Nick will always have feelings for Sharon since she too was his first love, but after reading the letter he realizes that chapter in his life with Sharon has resurfaced once again.

When Sharon finds out that her ex-husband has read the letter, she is embarrassed and tries to play the entire thing off as if she was trying to get something off her chest and to forget it ever existed. Sharon's letter warms Nick and it also moves him that she's doesn't want to create drama and strife in his marriage with her declaration. Sharon's decides to back off of doing anything but Nick doesn't, he grabs her and plants a hot kiss on Sharon! Unlike their Paris kiss, Sharon doesn't pull away and Nick doesn't either and the two hit the sheets! In the aftermath, Nick is baffled on his current situation: he's in love with Sharon and knows how she feels about him as well but is also crazy in love with Phyllis.