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Who is Y&R's Kevin Fisher?

The only member of Y&R's FIsher-Baldwin clan who has never once made me throw my remote at the television is quirky, sometimes sociopathic Kevin Fisher as played by the brilliant Greg Rikaart. Sorry Mikey (Christian LeBlanc), on most days I love you too, but all the preachy sanctimony TPTB tend to write for you can cause my right eye to twitch. Remember when you tried to rape poor Cricket 1.0 (Lauralee Bell)? People in glass insane asylums shouldn't throw stones.


Even back when Kevin was giving a teenage Lily (Christel Khalil) crotch crickets, or attempting to flame broil that pesky Colleen (then-Lyndsay Fonseca), Kevin was one of those characters, like Phyllis Romalotti (Michelle Stafford), and Sheila Carter (Kimberlin Brown) before him that you couldn't help but love, even mid-meltdown. The fact that Rikaart is one of the nicest actors in the business doesn't hurt.

TV Guide Canada's Nelson Brancocaught up with the charming Rikaart and talked about everything from LML to Obama to Bitches, Imaginary Bitches that is. Here's what Rikaart had to say about who Kevin Fisher really is:

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Kevin rejects society’s view of how one should live their life. He’s constantly battling and at odds with what defines the perfect life. Of course, when you add Terrible Tom’s abuse, Kevin’s lack of self-worth played in to his psychosis. I do think Roscoe Born [ex-Tom] was here for too brief a time. Tom and Kevin’s story could have been more layered."

With Y&R mercifully revitalized I can honestly say I no longer wish for the talented Rikaart  to leave daytime for the seemingly greener pastures of primetime and film, but when he does, we can all say we watched him when!