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Y&R: Colleen vs. Victor?

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Like father like daughter? Looks like its going to be that way when Colleen "Cee Cee" Carlton (Tammin Sursok) goes guns blazing after Victor "The Black Knight" Newman (Eric Braeden). What has Cee Cee swinging, all starts when  Brad (Don Diamont) is late for their lunch date and he doesn't contact her. Colleen knows that her pops is always readily available and always keeps his promise of spending time with his daughters. When she still hasn't heard from Brad after a day is almost gone, she knows something is wrong. Her uncle and best friend Billy and Lily (Billy Millier, Christel Khalil) try to calm her worries but that doesn't work with Colleen and she sets off to look for her dad. She turns to JT (Thad Luckinbill) for help, busting up his one year anniversary with Victoria (Amelia Heinle). Good thing she did because JT's already making some headway in locating Brad.


JT has a search underway for Brad and turns up his car and his cell both are abandoned with no sign of Brad. While this takes place, Abby (Hayley Erin ), Ashley (Eileen Davidson), Billy and Lily access Brad's voicemail and are blown away when they listen to Victor bullying Brad about not giving up his seat from Newman Enterprise's Board of Directors. As Abby confronts Victor about this big sis/cousin Colleen hears and unloads on Victor! She accuses Victor of Brad's disappearance in front of everyone and lets it be known she and everyone else knows that Victor can't stand Brad. Meanwhile Noah, who is in the hospital after falling through the ice, remembers that Brad is the one who pulled him to safety. After Victor figures out that the situation is perilous, he decides to use his own contacts in hopes of finding Brad. The situation looks grim for Brad to the point that JT confides in Billy that the outlook on an alive Brad isn't very likely. We saw the onscreen magic of Eric Braeden and Billy Miller earlier this week. Will lightening strike twice for Braeden and Sursok? Will Miller and Luckinbill scream chemistry when Billy finally has a scene with old high school buddy JT? As Jamey says, vote with your remote to see this play out.

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