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ABC Considering More Online Ads, Will Other Networks Soon Follow?

The Mouse House is shopping around research the claims viewers of their online rebroacasts of shows like Grey's Anatomy, Desperate Housewives and the newly available online General Hospital  will accept more commercials, according to Advertising Age. The Madison Avenue bible believes if ABC is successful with their proposed endeavor, other networks will quickly follow suit.


This move all but squelches any talk from people who didn't understand the importance of the 2007-08 Writers Strike. If the writers hadn't fought for a fair percentage of revenue from content streamed online, they could have found themselves ass out as the networks scramble to find new ways to monetize their content, that's why the "writers" who didn't support their union, yet will still benefit from the WGA's blood, sweat and fears of not having jobs to return to post-Strike, should be thoroughly ashamed of themselves.

I for one am all for offering multiple sponsors the chance to advertise during online series. These shows cost money, so TPTB have to figure out new avenues to make them more profitable.

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