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BREAKING NEWS: Top Days Producer Confirms Thaao's Exit; Does Corday Hate Hall and Hogestyn?

of Tony DiMera's demise (Or is it Andre?) appear to be true. TV Guide Canada's Nelson Brancorevealed in his Suds Report that Thaao Penghlis has indeed been fired.


Ratings stunt alert: The Suds Report has exclusively learned from high-level DAYS producers that one half of the Anna-Tony super-couple pairing will die in a  major murder mystery in March. The Suds Report can confirm that Thaao Penghlis (Tony) has been fired. So where does that leave Leann Hunley (Anna)?

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In other Days scoop from Suds, Branco reveals shocking details concerning why Deidre Halland Drake Hogestyn were allegedly fired from the NBC sudser.

Jarlena-gate: So, why were Deidre Hall and Drake Hogestyn really fired as John and Marlena? “It’s no secret that Ken [Corday, DAYS’ executive producer] hates Deidre and Drake,” claims a source close to the most-hated producer in daytime. “And, he couldn’t wait to let them go. In fact, he smiled ear to ear when he learned he could get away with getting rid of his two most-hated stars! Look at the proof: he fired Drake last year, and has refused to put John and Marlena on the front burner ever since James Reilly left. DAYS’ slashed budget finally gave him the excuse to fulfill his prophecy. In essence, he knew his hands would appear to be clean, since it was so publicized that he had to find money to save DAYS. Ken could have fired four other actors instead to keep Dee and Drake and appease NBC, but he didn’t. That’s why he didn’t offer them a pay cut. I know for a fact that Dee would have worked on that show for peanuts.” The source goes on to say that Deidre and Drake can’t stand each other, either. “It’s probably best for the show’s morale that they are all gone. It was a nightmare working with the both of them. We’d fight to keep Dee and Drake, though, as long as Ken was gone first. He doesn’t care about DAYS, at all.”