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DAYS RUMOR: Has Thaao Penghlis Been Fired?

For days now RUMORS have been circulating about yet another veteran actor being canned from Days of Our Lives. Well, we just received a tip that the vet in question is Thaao Penghlis, who has played the dual roles of Tony and Andre DiMera on and off for well over two decades. According to the tip, the source of the rumor is the anonymous blogger the Diva of Days of Our Lives. We are running this as strictly a RUMOR at this point, since we couldn't get confirmation from any of our sources.


Now I can't be a hypocrite here, when it was announced that Days had to cut veteran salaries to stay on the air, the first people I thought of were Penghlis and his leading lady Leanne Hunley (Anna). I adore the pairing, and have since I was a little kid, but getting rid of Tony and Anna or even Patch and Kayla (Stephen Nichols and Mary Beth Evans), who I also love, always made more sense to me than axing John and Marlena, but with Drake Hogestyn and Deidre Hall already gone, wouldn't you think the brass would want to utilize the vets they have left?

Thanks Angmc for the tip!

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