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General Hospital Makeover Coming this April

Biotoxins, explosions and fires have General Hospital getting a makeover, according to the Associated Press. With the economy in the toilet and layoffs eminent for the alphabet network, you may be asking, how in the world can GH afford new sets?


"This story really became an opportunity to take a shot at revising the look of the hospital and refreshing it," said executive producer Jill Farren Phelps. "It felt like the right time to update it. The style of the nurses' station has been the same for 45 years. In daytime, space is money. This new version will incorporate a lot of usable new space."

"It will have a very different look," Farren Phelps said. "We want it to feel like you are walking into a place that feels fresh and modern. It will still be inside the same hospital. It will have the same architecture, but it will no longer be that big round nurses' station we've become nostalgic about over the years."

For me, that "big round nurses' station" is GH. It may not be the most realistic set up, but I'll be sad to see it go. The article goes on to say that the Quartermaine's will be the ones to pony up the cash for the repairs needed at General Hospital. Nice to know they can roll out the Q's when their checkbooks are needed but for a real storyline, they don't seem to have the time. Look for the new sets to debut in April.

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Here' s a thought, why not spend some money on a new opening for the show? I don't know about the rest of you, but I am sick of seeing dead people. Maybe the Quartermaines can bank roll that as well.