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General Hospital Spoilers!

Here's the Scoop! 01.30.09


It's Friday... you know the drill, ask away, I'll answer what I can.

Is there a murder happening in the middle of all the chaos? COULD be just FANFIC but you never know. This is GH and why not add murder to the ever growing list of blizzard, biotoxins, explosions and fire? It is a stunt, right? Who's the victim? Who's the murderer? Trevor's death MAY be murder and SOME are saying that Sam COULD be the murderer. But why? What would the motive be? Trevor MAY be the one getting killed but I'm not 100% sold on Sam as the killer. Is Sonny going to finally get revenge on Trevor? Claudia maybe? IF this happens, Ric MAY be playing with his father's will. Didn't we already have that story? Isn't it still unresolved? Shouldn't we tie up that forged will before we go on to the next?

Sonny and Lulu and their RUMORED and presumed death... Sonny is knocked out from an explosion and the fire is creeping up. We all know Sonny's not dying, Guza would never do that and Maurice Benard just re-inked. BUT are the RUMORS true about Sonny faking his death? In the middle of a crisis, Sonny is going to plan how he can fake his death? Makes no sense. I can see Sonny using his "presumed death" to his advantage but I'm not buying that Sonny has time to plan his own "demise."

So I had a little Spencer rant in the comments yesterday. What I left out of my rant (where was my head) was Ethan. Why is Luke having this story with Ethan? IF he's not going to be Dante, why are we wasting our time on another newbie? Couldn't they come up with something for Luke and his son Lucky instead? I know, I know, Lucky's going to be sitting bedside with Elizabeth professing his love like he wasn't just in a hot tub with Sam a few hours ago. We are in the same day...

As I've mentioned, Matt Hunter SHOULD be A-OK. He doesn't get as affected by the toxin as the rest of the OR. Dr. Andy is already dead. Anyone think we'll get to see Dr. Lee mourn her former lover? Yeah, I don't think so either. But does Matt being OK make sense? Didn't he literally get hit in the face with the gas when he nicked the toxic ball? Elizabeth will recover, Monica will be knocking on death's door and Leyla will be granted entrance into the heavenly gates.

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Where is everyone when the explosions and fires start? Nikolas will help Patrick battle the flames. Jason is in super hero mode. Lucky will take risks to get Elizabeth out of the ticking time bomb.

More on Robin, Emma, Johnny and Maxie... After they find Robin and then Emma, the foursome makes their way to the quarantined GH. Emma has been RUMORED to go to a safe part of the hospital to get checked out. Maxie has been RUMORED to try and get to Spinelli (remember, she's SUPPOSED to be declaring her undying love), Johnny tries to find Lulu and Robin will be helping Epiphany evacuate patients. Now that we know that General Hospital is blowing up, Emma can't possibly be inside, can she? The LATEST SCOOP says that Robin sends Maxie and Johnny to Mercy with Emma so that the baby can be looked over by a doctor. IF this happens, the RUMORS say that Maxie and Johnny need Robin as Emma has pneumonia. Johnny MAY be going back to GH to get Robin. Will Robin have a breakthrough with her PPD? Is that why Patrick is sporting his overcoat in the interrogations? Could daddy Drake be trying to get to his wife and sick little girl?

Carly and Jax... They SHOULD be having a moment. Carly is trapped inside GH and Jax never made it to the benefit. He'll be on the outside looking in. It seems that everyone else is breaking into the locked down hospital... why not Jax?

Dropped in the comments yesterday, remember to check there for updates...
Jax is on the outside and SHOULD be the one telling Robin, Maxie and Johnny what's going on when the trio and baby Emma make it to GH. Maxie wants to be with Spin and Johnny wants to get to Lulu.


FANFIC or SPOILER? Michael awakening has been out there for a bit now. Will Robin and Patrick be the one to wake him? Is this really a new storyline or a re-do of LS-49?

Rayner wants answers but he's not so good at sharing himself.