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General Hospital: Perkie's Observations

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I was wondering why certain people weren’t at the fund raiser, like Micheal’s grandparents (Mike and Bobbie), Luke, Alexis and Diane, but the whole thing has just gotten so bad, that it has bigger problems then the guest list.

Raynor is still not on the premises with any other law enforcement. He has Spinelli hack into the electronics to shut down stuff, instead of having maintenance physically do it.

I get that Monica is chief of staff and incapacitated, but isn’t there a second in command for such situations? Poor Patrick has to be in ten places at the same time. Where are the rest of the staff, Layla, Kelly, Lainie?

Patrick goes in to get the balls, but then leaves them there, exposed. And why didn’t he shut off the machines that dead guy is attached to?

Jason and Sam are apparently running the show, going so far as making decisions and locking the hospital doors, instead of someone in authority like Mac or Lucky. In fact, Raynor doesn’t call Mac into it, until several hours have passed.

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The Hasmat team supposedly took Kate and Trevor out, so why couldn’t the others be taken out as well? And what exactly did they do with Kate once she was out? They don’t know what they’re dealing with, so it’s not like they could decontaminate her before sending her to ICU.

Thank goodness there was plastic and duct tape lying around in the boardroom so that they could close off that vent. Eeeesh.

Sonny’s cell phone doesn’t get reception, but Carly’s, standing two feet away, does.

And, who’s this new kid trying to rob Luke? I thought at first he was Dante, come to find out why his mother hasn’t returned home yet, but then he started talking with an accent. I’m guessing he’s going to become Lulu’s new toy once this poison mess is done with.

The only good thing today was Robin’s story. I keep feeling so bad for that baby and yelling at my tv for Robin to pick the poor thing up!

Also Tracy gave me the line of the day:

Tracy to Anthony: “I’ll give you a million dollars to go suck on that air vent”